Community Matters: Best Hungarian Language School In Budapest

  • 26 Jun 2019 1:01 PM
Community Matters: Best Hungarian Language School In Budapest
Recently a member of the local expat community asked about the best Hungarian language schools in Budapest, via XpatLoop's group on Facebook. Here are a few of the helpful hints and tips from Xpats in the loop.

Mechthild Von Knobelsdorff: Balassi Intezet, if you want to learn Hungarian intensely. If you would like to learn everyday Hungarian, then I recommend Hungarian For Expats

Tim Nugent-Head: Ulysses Hungarian Language School

Zubaidah Razak: Hungarian Language School you will enjoy learning

Taras Tolstikov: Kalunba - Magyar.Nyelv.Tudás.

Christie Takács: Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi fun, professional, experienced, good materials, good timetable of classes offered, sweet and talented teachers

Olivia Julia Bodor: Debrecen Summer School's Hungarian language course held in Budapest is very professional

This link shows a list of language schools in Budapest


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