WAMP Design Market @ Bálna Budapest, 17 November

  • 4 Nov 2019 9:53 AM
WAMP Design Market @ Bálna Budapest, 17 November
In November the biggest design fair in Hungary will be held again at the impressive building of Bálna Budapest, with the theme this time being the 'Joy Of Creation', it's of interest to folks in search of unique handmade products, and an alternative to fast fashion brands.

WAMP also offers a different shopping experience as you can buy your favourite pieces from the designers themselves, who will also help to find your best match.

This November as we get in the mood for Advent preparations, WAMP is a great place to gather ideas and buy ahead so you do not have to leave all the Christmas tasks for the last minute in December.

Designer of the Month in November is Müskinn

Müskinn is the creative project of Eszter Tóth and Noémi Szilárd, who design bags and accessories from leather, linen and other recycled materials. Their project-based collections and collaborations are always inspired by the recent topics or people they find interesting.

Beyond their custom-made basic collection they are always open for new collaborations to explore new creative fields or to combine the style elements of subcultures with their own forms.

Clear design, originality and freshness combined with a dash of cool. Unique and small-scale collections for both weekdays and special occasions, leather bags and beautifully decorated leather gloves meeting the needs of a 21st century woman. This is what the brand of Gabo Szerencses stands for.

The designer of the brand, Gabo Szerencsés works exclusively with high-quality materials and fine leather. In her current collection there is an emphasis on metallic, golden, silver and patterned surfaces to give you an extra glow in the winter season as well.

Beyond the functionality that expands to each detail, the bags of Juhaszdora are real love-pieces, her accessories turn the simplest outfit to something exciting.

Although the shape of the bags are rather subtle, their colours and materials are a real daring. In the range of all those leather types she uses there are decent pastels, dynamic, lively shades and attention raising metallic tones among others.

As the weather turns chillier, you will need more accessories for the winter, and there is no better solution than those soft pieces that keeps you warm and stylish too! The unique knitted headbands and hats by ëviköt are just like this, and will serve you perfectly even when it is really cold outside. The yarn has a warm and cosy feeling that gives you extra comfort.

The plants by Every Bird Knits are made of 70-90% cotton, filled with recycled cotton and planted in clay pots, so they are a lot better for the environment than plastic plants. Each piece is made by hand, so even though they look similar they are all individual and unique pieces.

Entry Fee:

Date and time: 
Sunday, 17 November, 10 am - 6 pm 

Bálna Budapest
1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 11-12


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