Wild Code School To Open Budapest Campus

  • 14 Nov 2019 8:15 AM
  • Budapest Business Journal
Wild Code School To Open Budapest Campus
International programming school Wild Code School announced opening a campus in Budapest, offering five-month web developer courses in English from January 2020, the company tells the Budapest Business Journal.

The school provides on-the-job training in English, with an emphasis on adapting to the constantly changing programming industry environment.

The courses also focus on soft skill development, via the inclusion of workshops and hackathons in the curriculum. During their time at the school, students also work for real clients, which provides them opportunities to improve their teamwork, as well as their negotiation and communication skills.

Real work also means that participants can start building their project portfolio early on, which becomes valuable when they enter the job market.

The company says that its prices will be similar to offers by other programming schools in Hungary. There will be no age or pre-qualification requirements for entry into Wild Code Schoolʼs program.

"We are entering a market where private schools are spreading like mushrooms," says Márton Szittya, business development manager at Wild Code School Budapest. "Yet Budapest is an attractive destination for our owners, as there are tens of thousands of programmers in Hungary at the moment, raring to work.

Besides, numerous new international businesses and startups start their journey here, and they will also need our professionally trained workforce."

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