Introducing Winestone Budapest Korona Restaurant - A Constantly Evolving Concept 

  • 9 Oct 2019 12:10 PM
Introducing Winestone Budapest Korona Restaurant - A Constantly Evolving Concept 
The sixteenth Winestone restaurant opened at the Mercure Budapest Korona recently, and already it is well regarded for a culinary concept that combines a selection of wines made with regional expertise and special dishes served on 'stone boards' - hence the name.

The menu has been designed to offer diners a journey of epicurean proportions, their menu offers a vast selection of tapas, hot dishes and salads, plus of course desserts.

As for the wine, the selection is from all over the world. What's more, the open kitchen gives each restaurant a warm atmosphere and welcoming ambiance.

An attractive environment & affordable menu

Winestone restaurant offers a prime opportunity to meet up with friends or family to sample wines and exquisite dishes prepared with passion.

There is a wall showcasing the wines available à la carte, wine refrigerators at the front of the bar, as well new colors - shades of green and copper adorn the Winestone Korona's modern  design.

The manager has chosen a menu that is distinctly different to other Winestone restaurants. Why you may ask, well we did and this is what we were told by Daniel Erdel, the manager at Winestone Korona:

“It's a purely commercial decision as almost half of our guests come from Hungary and they appreciate more local specialties, such as Hungarian beef or Mangalica ham.

Free range chicken, duck, and trout are also key products here. In terms of the wine selection, 80% comes from Hungary where wine culture is a national heritage and Hungarians are very proud of it.

On top of that, the Winestone Korona store offers an exclusive selection of wines from a winery that can soon be visited. An opportunity to give guests the full F&B experience.

We pay a lot of attention to product quality and the food supply chain. Our goal is to make the Winestone restaurant an attractive and unique place not only for travelers but also for locals.”

A constantly evolving concept 

Winestone is continually changing since 2012. Employees of Accor teams in Eastern Europe regularly bring new ideas and initiatives with the sole aim of meeting guests' new expectations.

Simple, attractive, authentic and affordable: these are the keywords that most clearly characterize this concept.

The teams are constantly looking to refine dishes while experimenting with new recipes to satisfy guests' palates. Guests even have the choice to opt for a vegetarian version of their favorite dishes.

Click here to visit Winestone Restaurant online
1088 Budapest, Kálvin tér
+36 30 547 5724

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