Click4Work: What's A Suitable Hourly Fee For A Student In Hungary?

  • 18 Feb 2019 8:01 AM
Click4Work: What's A Suitable Hourly Fee For A Student In Hungary?
In 2018 half of all students aged 15-to 24-years worked regularly in addition to their studies. They are often employed via the Student Labour Association, which is convenient way for firms of employing students. Read on for further info from

According to DiákÉSZ, National Association of Student Interests of Hungary the sector generated 60 percent more revenue comparing to 2017.  While students produced HUF 15 billion in 2017, in 2018 this amount exceeded HUF 25 billion.

What does this mean for a students?

Only 30 percent of students are willing to work under for a 700 HUF hourly wage, while 80 percent of students are already working for 800 HUF per hour, according to a survey conducted by IFUA Horváth & Partners management consulting firm.

Only one tenth of the students said they would work only for an hourly wage of over 900 Forints.

Around 700 students filled in this questionnaire that quantified the expectations and motivations of student labor, and the majority of them were aged between 16 and 24 years.

The most popular works are shop assistant, especially uploading goods or working as cashier in hypermarkets or in fast food restaurants, according to Pannonwork. In terms of gender, boys are primarily looking for physical jobs, like lifting goods, or they also like IT jobs, while girls are mainly interested in hostess and receptionist positions. .

During the summer, in the festival's light physical works are very popular, with the advantage of having entertainment after work. According to euDiakok that there are so many Festivals countrywide, upon that students can easily find jobs in catering and trade sector.

The most attractive jobs are quickly cut off: for example, according to the experience of Atlaszdiák it might happen that some jobs are filled within 1-3 weeks.

"There is a high deviation in hourly wages, but it is no longer true that students are willing to work for little money even in the MacDonald’s, said MŰISZ.

New types of Student Work

Nowadays students are applied not only for distributing flyers or for physical work: there are companies that are looking for a web developer while others need engineers.

These companies usually seek those students who possess good language knowledge and related expertise. The hourly wage of HUF 1000-1500 is not uncommon for such jobs.

Graduation completed with practical experience might later become gold in the world of work. In fact, more and more companies are trying to "apply" their interns after completing their studies.

Those who want to find a good workforce among students should not only compete in salary. While most respondents (96%) considered salary as a key aspect of taking on a job, other factors contribute to the decision-making of students.

The place of work was important for 90 percent of the respondents. Many people have also called it important to have a “nice" boss (88%) to have a flexible schedule (87%) and to work with good colleagues (86%).

And this is why students really like to work with ClickforWork. Based on our experience gained so far, it is really very important for students to work flexible, and work with good people.

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