The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest Recommended On HolidayCheck 2019

  • 23 Jul 2019 4:37 PM
The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest Recommended On HolidayCheck 2019
HolidayCheck, the largest German-language rating portal for holidays and travel on the Internet with more than 13.24 million visits per month, has just ranked The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest as one of the best luxury hotels recommended for a stay in Hungary.

The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest received 6 suns out from 6.

On HolidayCheck, people will find a hotel to their liking; they can contact other holidaymakers and book directly.

The basis for this is a database with more than 6 million hotel reviews, pictures and videos.

The HolidayCheck Award procedure:

Strict rules apply to the award: to qualify for the coveted award, this year's 529 winning hotels must have received at least 50 traveler ratings over a twelve-month period (December 1, 2017 through November 30, 2018).

The accommodations must also have been recommended by at least 90 percent of their guests. Another hurdle are the HolidayCheck suns, with the help of which vacationers can judge a hotel.

The scale ranges from at least 1.0 (very bad) to a maximum of 6.0 (very good). Potential award hotels must have a total of at least 5.0 suns.

In addition, a hotel may not have violated the Code of Conduct of the Rating and Booking Portal during the period under review.

The rules of conduct contained therein define the conditions under which HolidayCheck welcomes an active guest address. In the event of serious violations of the Code of Conduct, HolidayCheck retains the right to withdraw current awards.

“We are very proud of achieving such a high score with HolidayCheck, it is the reflection of the genuine care and commitment of our Ladies and Gentlemen towards the German Market.” – said Mr. Hugo Lecanda General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest.

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