SmartHomeExpo In Budapest, 18 – 20 February

  • 28 Dec 2020 10:06 AM
SmartHomeExpo In Budapest, 18 – 20 February
The market for smart homes is gaining ground in Hungary nowadays. One of the conference goals is to introduce users to the opportunities offered by smart homes and help them move to the right smart home systems for them and find the professionals they need.

To keep users happy, smart home installers need to get quality work out of their hands. It is also essential that the related fields (eg. electricians, general contractors, interior designers) also have the right background.

In addition to complementing each other’s work, the buyer can take over the property he expected without compromise.

Another goal of the conference is for professionals to learn about users’ expectations regarding the quality of their smart home and receive guidance to ensure this quality in their work.

What are the needs of the users? What makes a good smart home installer? How to ensure proper quality during smart home installation?

When should an electrician and a smart home installer work together? How does the smart home fit into the design? And what is the responsibility of the general contractor?

During the presentations, workshops, round table, and thematic discussion, we would like to provide answers to these questions.

There will be three sections, with a total of more than 25 presentations. Users, smart home installers, and construction professionals alike will find the topics relevant to them.

If you want to get to know the operation of smart homes from a practical point of view, you can try yourself in several workshops.

Both installers and those interested in DIY smart homes will have the opportunity to participate in these.

Because of COVID-19, there is no guarantee that a traditional conference can be held safely, which is why organisers opted for a hybrid conference, where we connect the event with personal participation to an online platform.

  • Presentations will be pre-recorded and will be available to all participants from 17 February to 19 March 2021 (except for the free package)

  • During the thematic small group discussions, it is possible to ask the speakers online or dive into a more detailed question.

  • During the round table discussion, the speakers will take part in person, and guests with a limited number of VIP tickets can listen to the program in person (of course, subject to safety rules)

  • The workshops are held online and attended in person by a limited number of guests with VIP tickets.

  • As one of the crucial elements of conferences is getting to know each other, we provide an online platform for this

  • During the meeting, we can gain an insight into the products of different manufacturers online

Date and time: 
18 – 20 February


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