Coronavirus: “Contactless” Food Delivery Now Available In Hungary

  • 14 Mar 2020 7:05 AM
  • Daily News Hungary
Coronavirus: “Contactless” Food Delivery Now Available In Hungary
Wolt has now made it possible to have your order delivered without coming into contact with the courier. According to the European Food Safety Authority, “contactless” food delivery is the safest form of accessing food at the time, due to the coronavirus.

The contactless delivery option has proved to be useful in China. Wolt sent an announcement to Forbes to tell them about their new development.

An ESFA study shows that the coronavirus cannot spread through cooked food, and restaurants have very strict protocols about making and packaging food anyways.

Now, with Wolt’s contactless service, the risk of catching the virus decreases. After choosing your meal, you can add a note saying where you want your food delivered – such as your doorstep, for example – when you pay for your order.

And after the courier has left, you can take the food inside without coming into contact with anyone.

The couriers also have to pay careful attention to hygiene and have to disinfect the tools needed for deliveries as well as constantly sanitise their hands.

The number of orders has gone up significantly at Wolt, and they expect it to increase even more. Meanwhile, cinemas are not closing completely.

Cinema City complexes will stay open but will not let more than 99 viewers into one room, reported Forbes.

The staff has been informed about proper, thorough hand-washing procedures, and common spaces and most-used items are frequently disinfected.

Source: Daily News Hungary


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