Where To Get Tested For COVID-19 In Hungary, List Of Private Clinics & Prices

  • 20 Apr 2020 10:29 AM
Where To Get Tested For COVID-19 In Hungary, List Of Private Clinics & Prices
In Hungary, currently, there are two ways to get tested for COVID-19, either in the official government healthcare system or in one of the privately-owned laboratories.

Government facilities only test if a GP decides that it is needed based on the symptoms and if the patient got into contact with infected people. However, there are private clinics in Hungary, that offer tests for a fee, here is the list with prices.

At the moment there are two types of tests used to detect coronavirus. One is the PCR, where the virus itself can be identified, based on antigens in the patient’s mucous sample.

The other possibility is serologic testing, made with a small blood sample from the patient’s fingertip. This type detects the presence of antibodies, the body’s immune response against the virus and might not have a positive result if the patient only recently encountered the virus.

List of private clinics and prices of tests

Mikromikomed Lab was the first to make private tests, with 50 tests made every day, this number doubled since the beginning. The price of the test itself is 3000 Forint, and the examination costs an extra 28000 Forint. Furthermore, to get tested at home, another 15000 Forint will be charged.

Róbert Magánkórház offers a quick test with results in only 15 minutes. That is the serology test made from a blood sample and does not necessarily prove positive if the patient only recently encountered the virus. The price of the test in the hospital is 29990 Forint, while to get tested at home is 79990 Forint.

The third private facility where COVID-19 testing is available is Rózsakert Medical Center. The test they make is the PCR which is used to detect the presence of an antigen directly, so it can detect the virus in its early stage too. Similarly to Mikromikomed Lab, the examination costs 28000 Forint, testing at home costs an extra 15000 Forint.

They offer the serological test also, but on a significantly lower price than in Róbert Magánkórház. On location, in the Rózsakert Medical Center, serological testing costs 19500 Forint, and at home, it is 36000 Ft total. We have no information about how quick the results are.

A recent addition to the list is the Kelen Kórház, where the price of the test is 15000 Forint. They offer the quick serology test with a result in 15-20 minutes. As this type of test does not detect the virus in its early stage, if tested negative, a second one is recommended, two weeks later. The price, in this case, is 12000 Forint.

Source: www.penzcentrum.hu

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