Video: Family Friendly Fun in Veszprém

  • 5 Jul 2012 10:30 AM
Video: Family Friendly Fun in Veszprém
There are a lot of opportunities for children to have outdoor or inside fun in Veszprém. One of the top options is the Zoo, which we can recommend, also there are may parks, playgrounds, a puppet theater, cultural festivals, and family friendly walks to enjoy during the summer months.

Veszprém Zoo   is for itself an excellent programme for the families. You can get acquainted with the miracles of the fauna in picturesque environment, the attendents give you a lot of information in the course of feeding-shows at first hand. Visitors can find the domestic animals and a petting zoo here. You can try pony-riding on Gulya Hill.

Kabóca Puppet Theater and Petőfi Theater offer many perfomances for children. The rest of the family also can find free-time entertainment activities in our hospitable town. Beyond the historical sights the travellers also can get acquanted with sport activities, cultural festivals. Discover the City of Queens with your families! We welcome you!

• Betekints-valley
• Erzsébet promenade
• Március 15. u. housing estate
• Barátság park (Jutasi u.)
• Stromfeld A. u. 7.
• Egry J. u. 1.
• Stadion u. 6.
• Endrődi u. 42.
• Martinovics I. tér
• Haszkovó u. 6.
• in front of Deák F. Primary School
• Veszprém-Kádárta, Malomkert u.

Leisure parks:

* Betekints-valley: Old amusement park, pleasant, quiet atmosphere, in the neighbourhood of the Zoo. In the park it is found a playground, a little lake, and Séd Brook is also flows throught here.

* Szerelem-sziget ("Love island"): A beautiful place not only for lovers next to the Castle.

* Erzsébet promenade: Nearby the city center there is a nice mall, with playground, and banks for the families.

* Színházkert (Theatergarden): In the city center, between Petőfi Theater and Eötvös Károly County Library is situated a nice park, the old Bishopgarden can relax the tired traveller.

* Kálváriadomb (Calvary Hill): In 2006 renovated Szent Miklós-szeg (St Nicholas district) is found next to the Erzsébet promenade, where you can climb the hill on stairs. You can relax on the banks next to ruins of Szent Miklós Church, while you can see a beautiful view over the university town.

* Barátság park: Szabadidő Sportcentrum is situated next to the park in the Jutasi street, with tennis and football courts, skating-rink and skateboard court.

Walks and hiking:

• Promenade along Séd Brook
The promenade, starting from the Pajta street car park goes under the castle along the Séd Brook with a beautiful view to the castle. Here you can visit the Margaret-ruins, the Hungarian Construction Industry Museum and the Zoo.

• Walking route: Train station - Aranyos valley - Margaret ruins - Patak square - Castle - Erzsébet park

• The Lookout Tower of Csatár Hill
You can reach it from the crossing of the Pápai street and the ring-road (motorway No. 8) leading to Csatár-hill, and then from the Csatár Chapel on foot.

Special Programmes for children:

Kabóca Puppet Theater and Kabóca Cottage: Kabóciádé Children Festival - every June, open-air and indoor puppet-show performances, playhouse, open-air programmes for children. In Kabóca Cottage performances for babies and every morning (except on weekend)s playhouse for babies (0-3 years old).

Petőfi Theater: they offer performances either for adults or for children.

Veszprém City Culture Center: they organise programmes for the children in the central building and in their clublibraries, at several locations of the town all the year.

HEMO Cultural Center: Cinema, exhibition, dance and musical performances all the year, in sommer "Nyáresték a parkban" programmes for the hole family.

In Colonia Center it is guaranteed wellness-fitness services and baby-sitting in the Maugli Playhouse: children over 3 years old is being pay attention by skillful kindergarten teacher, while the rest of the family is relaxing in the sauna or in the effervescent bath.


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