Delicious Cheap Treats At Iranian Bakery In Pest

  • 11 Sep 2020 8:38 AM
Delicious Cheap Treats At Iranian Bakery In Pest
Nestled in the 7th district, you may have passed this bakery without knowing it on your way to Szimpla Kert or other sights of the Jewish Quarter.

But if you take the time to step inside, the first thing that hits you is a sense of abundance.

Not an abundance of space, necessarily–in fact it would be a squish to fit more than six people in front of the cases–but rather an abundance of flavors and textures that are waiting to make themselves known to you.

The cases seem to almost be overflowing: Flaky baklava practically dripping with syrup. Layered cakes filled with cream. And a dozen other things I’d never seen before.

It’s my first time in, and the owner greets me with a gift–something like a shortbread cookie pressed in the shape of a flower. It melts on my tongue.

I wish I knew the name of the spices dancing through my senses. Annnnnd after that…I kind of blacked out. I just knew I wanted to try as much as I could at once within reason. Cut to a very happy Denae walking home with her styrofoam takeaway box, almost too full to close.

Part of the satisfied glow around me came from the bargain of it all!

All of my impulse sugar buying only set me back about 1000 HUF ($3.60). And even though Iranian Cukrászda may be cheap, that’s not at all reflected in the quality of the treats.

Iranian Bakery
1072 Budapest, Nagy Diófa u. 30-32.

Written by Denae MCGaha & Republished with permission

Photo courtesy of the venue

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