Discounted Prices On Long Term Car Rental At U-Save Hungary

  • 23 Mar 2020 12:37 PM
Discounted Prices On Long Term Car Rental At U-Save Hungary
A press release by the Hungarian Car Rental Association aims to dispel fundamental concerns about renting a car during this times of the coronavirus outbreak, giving us confidence that car rental is a safe form of transportation.

Car hire remains a safe alternative for transport

Members of the Hungarian Car Rental Association all adhere to the strict cleaning and disinfection requirements imposed not only by international standards and quality assurance criteria, but also by the Association itself.

That is why it is worth considering car hire in the present situation rather than other alternative modes of transport.

“The coronavirus has overtaken all previous positive trends in tourism this year, and now the industry has plummeted to an unprecedented level, affecting business lines such as car rental, an important player in the tourism industry. Nonetheless, members of the Hungarian Car Rental Association are persistent: they continue to provide for as long as they are allowed to. Car rental, customer service and assistance are available at all members of the Association”. - said Márk Ujfalussy, vice president of MAKSZ.

“Of course, the primary consideration is to protect the health of our customers, employees and partners. Thanks to the high level of cleaning and disinfection procedures applied to members, I can reassure everyone that car hire remains safe at MAKSZ members”, the Vice President added, noting that the Alliance is committed to complying with all new regulations in this area.

The president of MAKSZ said: “I would advise anyone who needs to travel now to opt for car hire, as opposed to a variety of alternative mobility solutions. If you rent a car, you should do so at a rental company that is a member of the Hungarian Car Rental Association, because at these car rentals, you can be rest reassured you willreceive the cars clean and disinfected at all times. It is not worth saving on hygiene safety, and the current market situation makes it possible to rent a car at a much lower price. ”

MAKSZ is committed to enabling its members to maintain their service for as long as permitted by law and to protect human lifes.

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