Europa Design Created ’Well Project Of The Year’ Award In Hungary

  • 7 Feb 2020 12:53 PM
Europa Design Created ’Well Project Of The Year’ Award In Hungary
1. The big challenge of the real estate sector was to develop sustainable and green buildings and lease the office spaces. The next level was to develop community office building to support collaboration and social activity in the common areas, mainly to provide facilities to serviced offices or co- working offices.

The international standards and certifications were manly building focused, so a LEED or Bream degree did not mean too much to the workforce directly.

The next challenge of the market was to attract and retain highly skilled employees and it was clearly visible that it is not an HR issue any more.

2. The International Well Beeing Institute – IWBI - established in 2014 a new standard and introduced to the market in 2016. The well certification is a data driven and human focused standard to support physical and mental health and productivity in the workplace. 

This holistic approach gives a perfect answer what can employer do for their employee well-being with his HR team and real estate advisor for, in close collaboration with design, facility and change management professionals. Details here.

It is clear that it is mainly a communication and knowledge transfer question to reach the right decision makers or influencers.

3. This situation gave the idea to award the best well certified or registered project to set as a best practice.

So the award’s main focus is to support and provide communication and not a detailed technical research and evaluation.

This is the reason why we invite jury members from a wider group of professionals.

Each year a jury of 4 selected professionals -real estate or well AP, architecture and design, Human resource and a change management, communication professional will evaluate the projects.  The representative of the founder will vote only if jury cannot make decision in the normal process.

4. The jury will award the projects with the best performance in the following fields:
- architectural and design thinking
- quality of communication to the society
- change management process within the users and service providers
- complexity of services to the well community

5. The Award was founded and sponsored by EUROPA DESIGN, active in the Hungarian contract market for 25 years as a multi-brand dealer of workplace solutions.

They operate several communication platforms and organized workshops, trainings and attended several conference in the past 2 years to support Well certification.

Europa Design was selected as National Winner in 2017, and 2018 in the competition category workplace and people development awarded by European Business Awards, the second largest business prize in Europe!

But most of all The Head Quarter building of the company called Well Point is the first registered finished interior project in an existing building in Hungary.

Beside the Trophy, the winner will be awarded by a 1000 euro value Office chair produced by the Spanish ACTIU factory who is the only company in the World Carrying in the same time the Leed Platinum and Well 2. Platinum certification as a factory and office building.

The Award will be a part of a significant communication package, both online and BTL.

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