Cancelled: Lunar New Year Festival @ Budapest’s Chinatown, 1 – 2 February

  • 28 Jan 2020 12:09 PM
Cancelled: Lunar New Year Festival @ Budapest’s Chinatown, 1 – 2 February
From the organisers: "Given the coronavirus epidemic, all types of public programs and events on celebration of the Lunar New Year have been cancelled in China. In many European cities, the local Chinese communities have made the same decision.

 We, the Chinese community in Hungary, feel obliged to follow suit, so we have decided to postpone the Lunar New Year Festival (scheduled on 1-2 February in Budapest’s Chinatown) until further notice.

We feel deeply sorry for the change in a short notice. And we thank you for your understanding in advance."

This annual "Kínai Tavaszünnep" Festival has become the most well-known Chinese cultural & gastro program in Hungary, welcoming many visitors each year to enjoy a Grand Parade, Street Food, and an Authentic Orchestra.

Last year the 3rd such festival, held at Millenáris Park in Buda - see the video below - was attended by over 30,000 locals and expats.

As you would expect it's especially popular with the large Chinese community in Hungary as they celebrate the Lunar New Year.

2020 will be the first time that it is held outdoors in the heart of the local Chinese scene at Budapest’s Chinatown (Budapesti Kínai negyed).

Part of the main street at Chinatown here, Jegenye utca, will be closed to make room for the cultural and gourmet road show, just like the miaohui (Temple Fair) in China.

A huge stage and tents will line the road and will feature various entertainment performances, Chinese traditional medicine treatments, calligraphy and painting, cooking showcases, plus various family programs.

Among the key highlights, a professional traditional Chinese orchestra called Fanpu Music Ensemble will fly in from the city of Xingtai to perform classic folk music on both days of the festival.

The orgainisers welcome Xpats of every nationality to participate, and say "You are cordially invited to join us in the celebration of Chinese New Year of the Rat".

Date & time:
Sat-Sun, 1-2 February, 10:00-16:00

Chinatown Budapest - Monori Center,
X. District Budapest, Jegenye u. 26-30.


Programs On Jegenye street:
* 10:00-10:30 Chinese firecrackers, dragon and lion dance, Grand Parade with folk and festive costume
* 10:30-16:00: hang blessed red ribbons onto the wishing trees
* 11:00-16:00: try on Chinese folk costume (“cosplay”)
* 17:00 (2nd Feb only): fireworks

Programs On Main stage:
10:00-12:00, 13:30-16:00
* folk music and instruments, folk dance, kungfu, qipao, and many other cultural performances.
* Highlight: a series of classic in both the morning sessions by Fanpu Chinese Music Ensemble

Programs in Heated Tents:
* Chinese tea-making and tasting,
* Chinese calligraphy and painting,
* Chinese craftsmanship: paper-cutting, Chinese knotting,
* Family and kids programs: paper dragon DIY, tiger clay sculpture coloring, Chinese sports and games,
* Chinese traditional medicine: free diagnosis and treatment on the spot.

Gastro Programs & 10 Food Stalls: 
* Hundreds of Chinese dishes on offer, plus unique drinks and sweets from different regional cuisines, with a focus on Chinese street food, grill and hot pot options, and special dishes the Chinese people eat to celebrate the Lunar New Year,
* Chinese cooking showcase: jiaozi (stuffed dumplings), lamian (hand-pulled noodle), jianbing (Chinese pancake), Peking duck

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