Széchényi Palm House, Exclusive Spa Oasis In Budapest

  • 11 Feb 2020 6:30 AM
Széchényi Palm House, Exclusive Spa Oasis In Budapest
Right behind its greatest dome of Széchényi Bath, on the top floor, the building gives home to a green oasis named the Széchenyi Palm House. It fulfils the function of a chill out spot inviting spa visitors with a unique ambience thanks to its rich greenery.

When was the last time you dedicated a day to yourself? Meaning really to yourself. Trust us, you ’ll be grateful you scheduled in a day in Palm House.

This glorious glass oasis is the ideal location to leave your worries out of the door and just be pampered. That’s not all, tickets also get you access to Széchenyi Bath’ soothing hot spring pools.

You can enjoy the thermal pools, reserve you manual therapy appointment in advance, or visit the aromatherapy room. All of the packages include unlimited fresh fruit bowls and herbal tea.

You can fall asleep on elegant sofas or in hammocks while listening to relaxing music far away from the crowd.

Bathing in the pools and relaxing in the Palm House is clearly an unbeatable combo and you can do them alternately.

You can choose your packages here

Historical environment

Budapest has a long history of thermal baths, including the history of Szechenyi Baths, the first hot spring bath palace on the Pest side of Budapest. The 100-year old Széchenyi Thermal Bath is largest medicinal bath in Europe.

Recharge with them and experience the complete relaxation or host your events in Palm House. 

Manual Therapies

Massage is only for pleasure but their manual therapy is for healing.

To increase your refreshing or relaxing thermal experience, choose one of the manual therapies. On the thermally heated warm floor you can be right under the sky, but at the same time be indoors yet as close to nature as possible.

You can choose from 100% natural nourishing, relaxing or rejuvenating aroma therapy oils.

Their trained and experienced therapists will do their best to refresh you.

You can explore the manual therapies here. 

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 Kós Károly sétány, Gate 1.
Open: daily 10am-7pm

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