18 Fine Restaurants Recognised By The Budapest Business Journal

  • 7 Jan 2021 12:25 PM
  • Budapest Business Journal
18 Fine Restaurants Recognised By The Budapest Business Journal
One of Budapest’s major business publications, the Budapest Business Journal has a more-than 25-year history.

Over the years, the publisher has produced several associated publications that look into more specific areas.

One such is Fine Restaurants, which takes readers who appreciate high-quality food, its creative presentation, and the personalities of the hospitality sector, into the world of Hungarian restaurants. Fine Restaurants presents both the food and its creators. 

Every year, our editors prepare a subjective list for foreign business people living in or visiting Hungary. With much creativity and sensitivity, the top 100 restaurants are selected from among key figures of Hungarian hospitality and new emerging stars; 2020 was no different. COVID-19 continues to create a difficult period for hospitality to this day. 

Nevertheless, some new stars have been established in Hungarian gastronomy. 

Once again, 18 eateries have been awarded with an exclusive Fine Restaurants diploma and a message of appreciation. 

Downtown’s Essencia Restaurant is one of our new players, part of the ongoing story of owners Tiago and Éva Sabarigo. The restaurant combines the flavors of Portuguese and Hungarian dishes that recall childhood memories and match them with top modern gastronomy. 

Arany Kaviár (Golden Caviar) is an old friend among our winners and has a history of 30 years. Led by owners Attila Molnár and Szása Nyíri, it represents unbroken success in satisfying patrons who are hungry for gastronomy in the world of tradition and caviar specialties. 

As one of the landmark establishments of Hungarian gastronomy, Costes Downtown, which was able to earn its first Michelin star before it was even one year old, could hardly not be awarded. Károly Gerendai opened this restaurant in the spring of 2015 and received the much-coveted in March 2016. 

Not far from Costes Downtown, Textúra in Sas utca is the dream of Tamás Horváth, Zoltán Kalocsai and third owner and executive chef Ákos Sárközi. It is a place that creates a home to playfulness, excellent ingredients and everyday experimentation.

Another great figure of Hungarian Fine Dining is Stand25, run by Szabina Szulló and Tamás Széll. Bringing the character of a bistro to the Buda side of the city, this is an ambassador of Hungarian cuisine where the patron won’t feel stressed, but can enjoy a top-class dinner. 

We have strived for variety among our laureates; you won’t, for example, have to travel all the way to Italy if you crave traditional Italian food from among our winners. Fausto’s was opened in 1994. The creation of Fausto Di Vora is a trademark of sophistication and elegance, which is a sure choice for a business dinner. 

As we are already in Italy, we have to mention another of our near perpetual winners, Trattoria Pomo D’Oro, the restaurant of Gianni Annoni. Originality is very important to his team, and they put great emphasis on it. In addition to traditional Italian dishes, the chef also prepares many from his own recipe collection.

The pizza master bakes crispy thin dough pizzas in a wood-fired oven, thus highlighting the traditional flavors of pizzas. 

And in the spirit of tradition, let us also present Salt Budapest, where Hungarian roots and tastes are the focus: the meat comes from the family farm and herbs and wild plants are carefully selected by the chef by hand from across the country. 

The main profile of Babel Budapest is also the traditions of Hungarian cuisine and more especially the impact on it of Transylvania. The sophistication of the food and culinary art and creativity from the heart make up the real Babel experience. 

The choice of our laureates was also influenced by the atmosphere of the restaurant and, of course, the treatment of guests. Hot Stone Steakhouse is also a great choice for a gathering of friends where guests can finish cooking their favorite Steak themselves.

The specialty of the place is the lava stone, which is heated to 400°C on a ceramic plate, allowing you to sear the high-quality steak of our own choice. 

To our delight, there are more and more specialist restaurants in the city. You can find Asian fusion at TOKIO Budapest. From the hands of chef Roland Tóth and authentic Thai chefs come dishes that offer such culinary pleasure that guests are sure to return. 

Our next award winner is the Kollázs Brasserie & Bar. The restaurant is located in the Four Seasons Hotel Budapest Gresham Palace, within the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Danube embankments. Simultaneously traditional and modern, timeless and fresh, elegant and relaxed. 

A restaurant that offers restrained, relaxed elegance on the Danube, DNB Budapest is the pride of the Marriott Budapest Hotel. It is a place that is equally great for a business lunch or for brunch with friends. 

St. Andrea Restaurant Budapest, with its unusual gastronomic experience, could not be missed. It is located in one of the most wonderful buildings in Budapest, the downtown Eiffel Palace. It is a restaurant where you don’t just sit down for a well-prepared dinner. St. Andrea offers an experience and a wonderful memory for its guests. 

Let us return to Buda to celebrate a child’s birthday, organize a family party or even a corporate Christmas party in Haris Park, where you can find one of the pearls of Buda: Bobo Restaurant.

The name aptly leads us to a playful, yet aristocratic gastronomic destination. Bobo has modernized elements of Dual Monarchy cuisine and classic Hungarian and Austrian flavors, to bring them in line with 21st century requirements.

Year after year, the top restaurants of the country are presented in Fine Restaurants, which also include outstanding eateries in the countryside. Take a journey to the southern city of Szeged, where Tiszavirág Café delivers an excellent brunch experience, or just invites you in for a delicious coffee and cake on your morning walk. 

A little further afield you can find the Végállomás Bistorant restaurant in Miskolc. Here they create bistro dishes that are rich in excellent flavors, adapting to the changing seasons, without omitting local ingredients. 

In Hungary, the art of confectionery is reaching ever higher levels. Hauer Confectionery and Café is close to the center of Budapest. Hauer, which has been around for more than 120 years, provides a culinary experience in Hungarian confectionery culture. Carefully prepared creams, cakes, cookies and many other special delicacies will satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Our heartfelt congratulations go to all our winners. 

Photo courtesy of Costes Downtown Restaurant

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