Xploring Budapest Video: Hármashatár-Hegy

  • 5 Feb 2021 11:04 AM
Xploring Budapest Video: Hármashatár-Hegy
The Hármashatár-hegy (the name can be translated into something like “Three Border Mountain”) got its name in the 19th century, as this was the point where the three borders of Buda, Óbuda and Pesthidegkút met. Today these cities have merged into Budapest, but the mountain's name has remained the same.

Its black pine-studded environment is only 15 minutes from the heart of the city thus an ideal place to spend a lovely day with no smoke, no noise and take a little break from city life and escape to nature.

Hármashatár-hegy is a 495 m tall hill in the northern-northeastern part of the Budai hegység (Buda Hills), surrounded by the Ördög-árok creek, the valley of Solymári völgy and the Pesthidegkúti medence (Pesthidegkút-basin). 

The Hármashatár Hill, thanks to its advantageous geographical location, has a great potential for air-sports. 

Next to the hiking center there is a newly-builty octagonal, 4-meter tall lookout tower next to the hiking centre provides a full panorama over Budapest and the Danube.

During the WW II, anti-aircraft turrets were installed on top of the mountain which remained as landscape scars after the war. The Pilis Park Forestry Ltd.  “healed” this scar by using the foundations of the turrets for the lookout tower.

The lookout tower was made of pine beams, and boasts a unique wood structure. The entrance level serves as a resting area, where hikers following the National Blue Trail may catch their breath.

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MTI Photos: Balázs Mohai

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