Family Doctors May Be Assigned To Hospitals & More, Under New Government Decree

  • 5 Apr 2021 7:35 AM
  • Hungary Around the Clock
Family Doctors May Be Assigned To Hospitals & More, Under New Government Decree
Hospitals may be excused from providing mandatory minimal healthcare service conditions, and may order family doctors and the staff of district outpatient clinics to hospitals from today, under a government decree issued.

In addition, the state will take control of local council outpatients consulting rooms and transfer management of them to the heads of designated hospitals.

Zoltan Jenei, head of the new national hospital directorate OKFO, is in charge of local council outpatient consulting institutes, extending his purview to family doctors.

The cabinet did not divulge beforehand why it is preparing to take such significant steps, Szabad Europa observes.

A considerable number of family doctors can from now on be transferred to any hospital within their county.

In addition, the staff of specialist clinics can be reassigned to hospitals. From now on, the heads of all health care institutions must keep records of how many people can be taken away from them, i.e. redeployed elsewhere. If there is any change in this, the head of the institution must notify the head of the hospital under whose authority the institution lies (or the head of OKFO) within two hours.

In stating that certain institutions may be exempted from having to meet the minimum conditions, the decree does not specify what the minimum standards are. This may be decided by the directors of county hospitals or OKFO director Jenei at their own discretion. At times like these, however, they can set new minimum expected conditions to the given institutions.

The domestic regulation setting the current minimal standard is a huge decree, regulating basic mandatory conditions from the washing of hands to the refrigeration of the dead to the most basic mandatory conditions for each medical area and type of institution.

For example, one of the minimum conditions for an inpatient intensive care unit is that the physician-patient ratio in the ward should not be worse than 1:4. 


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