Central Bank Advises Those Who Can to Exit Loan Moratorium

  • 22 Jun 2021 7:11 AM
  • Hungary Around the Clock
Central Bank Advises Those Who Can to Exit Loan Moratorium
The central bank is advising clients with a solid financial position to opt out of the loan moratorium extended until August 2022.

The repayable amount and the prolongation of the loan depend on the residual maturity at the date of opting for the moratorium as well as on the interest rate.

During the moratorium, interest is continuously added to the principal of the unpaid loan. The monthly instalments will not change, but the maturity of the loan will be extended. This also means a higher repayable amount.

In its latest quarterly stability report, the MNB cites various examples warning clients of the risks. In case of a Ft 15 million loan at 5% interest with 20 years of residual maturity left at the time of entering the moratorium, debtors will see their total debt increase by almost Ft 3 million and the maturity of the loan extended by 56 months, including the maximum 27 months spent in the credit moratorium.

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