Atenor is Certified Carbon Neutral

  • 22 Dec 2021 4:39 PM
Atenor is Certified Carbon Neutral
ATENOR has the pleasure to announce the obtention of the Carbon Neutral certification in collaboration with CO2logic.

CO2logic offers the CO2-Neutral certification to organisations that calculate, reduce and offset their climate impact. Since 2015 this label is also certified by Vinçotte, an international independent certification body.  

There are many carbon neutral certifications around the world but few have a third-party validation by a serious and credible certifier.

As for 2019 onwards and as part of its global social responsibility approach, ATENOR has started a collaboration with CO2logic to calculate its different emissions at corporate level in all the countries where the company is present.

To achieve this, ATENOR has scrutinized every area in which the company has an impact. The exercise included among others the climate impact from energy consumption, refrigerants, company cars, commuting, business travels and purchases such as paper and IT-elements.

ATENOR is now taking the next step by using this input to set up a streamlined climate reduction plan and strategy up until 2030.  At corporate level, the reduction efforts will in the first place mainly focus on energy saving measures and opportunities to reduce the impact of its means of transport.

In addition, committed choices have already been made in the 2019 letter to shareholders regarding the 1,300,000 sqm of projects currently in development.

The environmental contribution of our sustainable projects is objectively assessed by the international certifications BREEAM and WELL, as well as by other local labels (DGNB, HQE, ...).  

Another illustration is, for example, the future project AU FIL DES GRAND PRES in Mons (Belgium), where ATENOR will propose 119 zero carbon emissions apartments. This commitment highlights ATENOR dedication towards high environmental standards but also towards the well-being and comfort of the occupants.

Through the design and development of all its projects as well as its corporate policy, ATENOR resolutely aligns with the objective of substantial climate change mitigation within the EU Green Deal.  The keystone of ATENOR sustainability policy – both at corporate and project level – is the ATENOR Sustainability Report. 

ATENOR is an urban real estate development company with European expertise listed on the Euronext Brussels market. Its mission is to provide, through its urban and architectural approach, adequate responses to the new requirements imposed by the evolution of urban and professional life.

Within this framework, ATENOR invests in large-scale real estate projects that meet strict criteria in terms of location, economic efficiency and respect for the environment.

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