Dental Treatment During Christmas? @ Smile & Teeth Dental Budapest

  • 8 Dec 2021 4:35 PM
Dental Treatment During Christmas? @  Smile & Teeth Dental Budapest
Almost everyone is on holiday during the Holiday season. This is the case with almost all dentists, so it is very difficult to find a doctor during this period. Unfortunately, even then, our teeth and dentures may make fun of us.

We have collected the most common emergencies and what to do in these cases:


Our number one enemy is toothache. The inability to relax during such pains can ruin the entire Christmas holiday with such.

Several types of toothache can be distinguished: There is a rapid and acute pain that is sensitive to cold and heat, which is caused by tooth sensitivity, wear and tear on the gums.

In this case avoid eating very cold, hot, acidic or even spicy foods.

Another characteristic pain is continuous dull pain. This is usually caused by inflammation of the gums. It is already worth taking medication to relieve this pain.

Lost Filling

A bad bite is enough and our dental fillings can already land in our hands during the festive dinner. These dropped fillings require urgent replacement as the filled tooth may be further damaged. Obviously we ask for the impossible, but if possible try to avoid sticky chocolates, sweet delicacies, hard sugars.

Cracked Tooth

A bad move, a sudden bite on some hard food can cause a piece of tooth to break off. This usually does not cause any pain. A real problem if the fracture occurred in an aesthetic zone. In this case, visit our dentist or an emergency room. To prevent the development of subsequent inflammation or caries, keep the problem area clean until you reach a dentist.

Toothache at home - a couple of folk remedies
a mixture of salt, pepper and water
warm salt water
Vanilla extract
Ice cubes

Remember, Smile & Teeth Dental is open for you between Christmas and New Year’s Day as well.

Please get in touch with us at +36-70/429-0157 or via the website at

We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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