How to Protect your Skin in Summer, Wellmed Beauty & Medical Spa Budapest

  • 21 Jul 2021 12:46 PM
How to Protect your Skin in Summer, Wellmed Beauty & Medical Spa Budapest
Expert advice from Henriette Moncz owner and Specialist trainer beautician by Wellmed Beauty & Medical Spa.

Summer is in full swing, the heat is on and in the middle of the beach season there are countless outdoor activities, but even with the greatest attention we can often damage our skin, which can cause reversible damage later on, such as premature ageing, pigment disorders, melanoma, etc.

In the article below, we've summarised the skin problems that summer can bring, what you can do about them and what treatment options are available.

Excessive sun exposure, sunburn

The degree of exposure to the sun (waterfront, mountains) requires us to maximise sun protection depending on the reflection of light. More attention should be paid to fair, sunburn-prone skin.

As we all know, sunburn increases the risk of skin cancer (melanoma), but even without sunburn, there are still many negative effects of unprotected sunbathing.

We also need to take into account the time of day: between 11am and 4pm, we need to pay extra attention to skin protection. Reapply sunscreen generously every two hours.

If you already have a sunburn, make sure that you do not go out in the sun that day and avoid UV radiation for the next 1-2 days. Apply a damp compress to the sunburned skin and apply a cooling panthenol cream. If the sunburn is severe, take anti-inflammatory painkillers and seek medical advice.

Premature ageing of the skin (photoaging)

UVA rays are mainly responsible for premature ageing of the skin. (Photoaging)

The rays damage the collagen in the skin, stopping the production of collagen and elastin in the connective tissue. That's why people who sunbathe a lot and sunbathe a lot are more wrinkled.

The older the skin, the more careful you need to be with sun exposure, as older skin contains less collagen fibre. Prevention is the key! For beautiful, healthy, youthful skin, make sure you get as little exposure as possible.

If you notice that your skin is deteriorating, aesthetic treatments that have a cell-renewing effect on the deep layers of the skin are the answer. (LASER, Radiofrequency, etc...)

Recommended skin rejuvenation treatments:

- Radiofrequency face lifting treatment ( can also be done in summer )

- Photorejuvenation

- TRINITI surgical complex facial rejuvenation

Lentigo, pigment spots

Excessive sun exposure or sunburn is conducive to the development of pigment spots and lentigo. Especially our face is exposed to this.

Therefore, when in the sun, always use sunscreen, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, look for shady places (you can tan in the shade) and wear a hat or cap that protects your face. If pigment spots have developed, aesthetic light treatments are the most effective way to remove them.

Recommended treatments for pigmented skin:

- Elos (IPL+RF) Light treatment

Summer skin conditions

A common symptom in summer is sunburn - when white spots or patches appear on the skin as a result of a fungal infection. Although this may not have developed in summer, because our skin is white in winter we don't notice it until the summer months.

This is when the skin starts to tan, but the area infected with the sun fungus remains white. For most people this is not a problem, it is only those who are susceptible who get infected.

Skin fungus is also a common summer skin condition, and is most common in damp conditions. Of course, you can also get it in winter, but less often. In summer, baths, communal areas, communal showers are conducive to the spread of skin fungus.

As a preventive measure, personal hygiene is the most important thing, avoid contact between surfaces and skin, use acidic, antiseptic cleansers. 

People who suddenly start to sunbathe can develop symptoms of sun allergy on their skin. These can include tiny, blister-like rashes and acute red patches. It can be triggered not only by strong sunlight alone, but also by taking medication or using cosmetics in the sun. The combination of chemicals and strong sunlight can also cause sun allergy.

If you go on holiday to a country with a different climate, it is easy to get Mallorca acne on the first or second day. This skin condition is also triggered by sun exposure, but it is the sebaceous glands that become inflamed. Several acne-like inflammation nodules appear on the shoulders, neck, chest or face.

As a preventive measure, I would recommend a gradual exposure to the sun, or if you already have skin symptoms, consult a dermatologist.

Dry rough skin

Chlorinated water, too much sun exposure, exposure to air conditioning, taking medications and chemicals can dry out the skin, making it more vulnerable to environmental stresses and ageing it much faster. The skin becomes tight, itchy and rough. It also increases our susceptibility to inflammation.

To avoid premature ageing of the skin, it is important to replenish lost moisture. Moisturising treatments and hydration can help stop skin dehydration.

Use plenty of face creams, serums and packs for dehydrated skin. Make sure they are good quality and free of petroleum derivatives!

Recommended treatments for dry skin:

- Ultrasound mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid nanogels

- Professional Vitamin and moisturizing facial treatments with natural cosmetics from Piroche Cosmetiques.

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