Special Effects Hungary Strengthens its Position with a Premium Catering Company

  • 19 Jul 2021 2:08 PM
Special Effects Hungary Strengthens its Position with a Premium Catering Company
Special Effects has announced another acquisition as part of its crisis-proof and optimistic 2020/21 strategy. The event production company is widening its range of services with Terra Catering.

In the spirit of a deliberate, forward-thinking international expansion, Special Effects Ltd. recently acquired stakes in a Hungarian system integrator company, a Destination Management Company founded this year, and a Spanish creative technology company.

Their latest acquisition adds another element to their portfolio: Terra Catering contributes to an unforgettable and first-class event experience as a leading Hungarian premium food and event design company with a fine dining service at the highest level.

"We believe that the industry will return, so we are now working to offer our clients even more by strengthening our company with our independently operating partners." - said Zsolt Kassai, CEO of Special Effects.

"The synergy with Terra Catering, which strives for innovation, excellence and sustainability, is a great example of how our values can be shared, regardless of our fields."

Falko Siecke, founder of Terra Catering and Mario Tóth, executive chef have decades of experience in organizing international premium events. About the collaboration, Mr. Siecke said that the similar business strategy, mission and values of the two companies - and other partner companies of Special Effects - will help to realize complex and unique projects together in the future.

"Terra Catering guarantees the highest quality, seasoned with luxury, so we aim to be present on the international market at first-class events."

In addition to sharing experiences, global connections and services, the two companies will continue to work with a joint design team and strengthen their market presence with creative concepts developed by Kraftwerk, a subsidiary of Special Effects in Dubai.

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