Start This Year Differently: Change Your Lifestyle Consciously By Dr. Rose Private Hospital Budapest

  • 26 Jan 2021 10:05 AM
Start This Year Differently: Change Your Lifestyle Consciously By Dr. Rose Private Hospital Budapest
In January, the first month of the new year, there is no better time to start with a clean slate and set new goals, including improving our health.

That sounds promising, but what if we tackle things a little differently this time around? Instead of making various drastic resolutions, let’s start by making ourselves aware of what we really want and setting goals to achieve it, be it disease prevention, health preservation, or even dealing with an already established disease. In this article, Nóra Galló, a dietitian at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, helps us formulate our goals for lasting lifestyle change.

Did you know that research shows that only 8% of people realise their New Year’s resolutions? Unfortunately, this is a very small proportion, especially in light of the fact that more than 50% of resolutions involve changes related to a healthy lifestyle, such as exercising more, eating more consciously, losing a few pounds, and so on.

However, resolutions that stress that we should eat less, or should do more throughout the year, make exercise and proper nutrition feel more like unpopular chores or tedious mandatory tasks. Goals, on the other hand, motivate us and give us more room for the lifestyle we want to pursue. 

So what are the main features of goals?

Goals can be adjusted, we can change them 

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that we make them once a year and resolve to keep it up. Goals, on the other hand, are more flexible as we can adjust them, perhaps monthly or seasonally. You may be planning a trip in the spring or your wedding in the summer for which you would like to achieve something, and these can be great incentives to motivate us through the coming weeks and months.

Goals are smaller and more realistic

Resolutions are aspirational in nature and not specific enough. For example, if we resolve not to consume any sugar from now on, or suddenly train 5-6 times instead of zero times a week, we are practically doomed to failure before we even begin. We tend to be overambitious, to go too far, without really thinking through how realistic the ambition is. Most people make the mistake of undertaking too much and wanting to achieve it too quickly, and this doesn’t give us enough time to achieve our goals. 

Instead of New Year's resolutions, try setting a small goal for each day, for example: ’today I will drink 2 liters of water’ or ’I will sleep for 7-8 hours’. At the end of the day, we can evaluate and think through what we have achieved that has brought us closer to our bigger health goals.

 If we commit to smaller goals and try to achieve this gradually over as many days as possible, we will get closer to the coveted healthy lifestyle. The advantage of smaller, more manageable goals is that they fill us with immediate satisfaction and give us a sense of success.

Goals are measurable

Resolutions give space to the word ’should’ e.g., ’I should train more’. Because of this, everything we plan becomes an opportunity, if we fail to fulfil it, to make us feel bad. Goals, on the other hand, need to be specific and measurable, such as ’I will start the day with 15 minutes of exercise every day’ or ’I will meditate / relax for 10 minutes each night’.

If one day it turns out that it doesn’t come together, think about it as a process, rather than letting it arouse guilt in ourselves. Changing your lifestyle to put it in a healthier state takes time, several weeks or months even.

Don’t forget that achieving any goal requires your commitment, time management skills (e.g., where to buy healthy ingredients, when to cook / train / relax, etc.) and the right mindset to overcome temptations and obstacles. However, with each small step, we move forward on the path to a healthier lifestyle in which we can incorporate lasting positive changes.

We can help you make a lasting difference in your lifestyle this year! 

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