WhiskyNet Insight: Caribbean Rums That Deserve a Place in Your Collection

  • 13 Sep 2021 3:12 PM
WhiskyNet Insight: Caribbean Rums That Deserve a Place in Your Collection
Hampden, Clairin, Transcontinental, Veritas – have you heard these names before? If not, it is worth a try to get to know these delicious Caribbean rums. Rum is made in many parts of the world, including the Caribbean. For a rum lover, this region is a must-see “rum source”. Come with us on a virtual rum trip to Haiti, Barbados and Jamaica.

Hampden Estate Jamaican Rum

Hampden Estate was founded in 1753 and has been distilling rum for almost three centuries in the Trelawny Parish, historically known as the grand cru of Jamaican rum. Renowned throughout the world for its full, intensely flavourful rums, Hampden Estate has always produced quintessential, heavy pot still pure single rums, using unique methods that guarantee its remarkable aromas and truly exceptional taste.

For the first time in its rich history, Hampden Estate began aging its own production starting in 2009. In 2018, the first official bottlings were launched commercially, creating a world premiere, and opening a new era in the universe of high quality, extraordinary rums.

Rum Hampden 8 years old (0,7L, 46%)

Unique, smooth and full of tropical notes, Hampden 8 years old is an extremely versatile rum, perfect for both sipping and mixing. Its signature characteristics are the typical aroma, the high ester content, and the full, fruity flavours.

Clairin, the Rhum of Haiti

Clairin is the spirit of Haiti. Fun fact: while in all the Caribbean combined there are only 50 operating distilleries, in Haiti alone, there are over 500! The distilleries are home to artisanal production techniques: most of them are small guilds dotted around the countryside, producing spirits for ultra-local consumption and enjoyment in the village where they are made.

Haiti is the only area of the Caribbean yet untouched by industrial Western modernization, so the Clairins are still wonderfully pure: heritage, nonhybrid varieties of sugar cane, chemical free agriculture, spontaneous fermentation with wild yeast, and distillation.

Rum Clairin Communal (0,7 l, 43%)

This rum is the result of the blend of spirits from the villages of Cavaillon, Barradères, Pignon and St-Michel de l’Attalaye. Produced using organic sugarcane, cultivated without pesticides, fermented with natural yeasts and distilled in small pot stills, heritage of the French colonization.

The 5 single estate producers

Biodiversity in Haiti is incredible. Each region has its own production traditions, specific varieties of sugar cane and each Clairin therefore displays distinctive aromatic characteristics. The 5 single estate Clairins selected and bottled by Spirit of Haiti reflect this diversity, as much for the varieties of cane used as for the different fermentation and distillation techniques.

The 5 single estate bottlings are the followings:

  • Clairin Sajous

  • Clairin Vaval

  • Clairin Casimir

  • Clairin Le Rocher

  • Clairin Sonson

It is worth to try one or more of them to taste the differences!

Transcontinental Rum Line

Inspired by the rich history of the Transatlantic crossings of rum casks, the Transcontinental Rum Line range aims to highlight the typicity and diversity of the world’s best provenances for rum. With over 40 references coming from 12 different countries, the Transcontinental Rum Line range has become a reference in terms of diversity and accessibility.

Rum Panama 2013 Transcontinental Rum Line (0,7 l, 43%)

Distilled in column stills from fermented molasses, this Panamanian rum is a classic within the TCRL line. Displaying vanilla & exotic wood flavours, it has matured close to the Panama Canal in bourbon barrels during 5 years in tropical conditions, and then 1 year in Europe.

Veritas, White Blended Rum

The project behind VERITAS – which is Latin for “Truth” – was born out of a very simple idea: bringing the true taste of rum back to the mixology world. It is the innovative result of the collaboration between two of the Caribbean’s most iconic producers: Foursquare Distillery in Barbados and Hampden Estate in Jamaica.

Rum Veritas (0,7l, 47%)

Veritas is made using Coffey columns and pot stills, not the modern technology of multi-column stills in use today in Cuba. No sugar, colouring, flavouring agents or neutral spirits were added during the production process to reproduce the taste of an original Daiquiri.

All the above mentioned exceptional Caribbean rums can be purchased in the webshop of WhiskyNet.

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