WhiskyNet Insight: What do a Mouse, a Dog & a Fisherman Have in Common?

  • 15 Dec 2021 9:07 AM
WhiskyNet Insight: What do a Mouse, a Dog & a Fisherman Have in Common?
The answer is quite simple: all of them represent a Douglas Laing blended malt whisky from the different Scotch whisky regions.

Big Peat (the fisherman) is a peated whisky from Islay, Scallywag (the fox terrier) is a fruity-spicy whisky from Speyside, Timorous Beastie (the mouse) is a grainy-sweet whisky from Highland, The Epicurean (a gentleman) is a smooth-flowery whisky from Lowland, Rock Island (the oyster) is a salty maritime whisky from the Islands, while The Gauldrons is a rich sweet and salty whisky from Campbeltown. These 6 whiskys are called the Remarkable Regional Malts.

Established in 1948 by Fred Douglas Laing, a man with a genuine love and serious passion for Whisky, Douglas Laing & Co. is a proudly independent, family-owned Scotch Whisky Distiller, Blender and Bottler now in its third generation. Over 70 years of heritage, history and expertise has helped them to refine their processes and create Whisky that is consistently exceptional in its offering.

Abiding by the philosophy of presenting Whisky “as the Distiller intended”, they are committed to bottling their Whisky “as natural as it gets” allowing enthusiasts around the globe to come as close as they possibly can to sampling a dram straight from the cask in the hallowed surrounds of a Scottish Distillery Warehouse.

Who is Scallywag?

Inspired by a long line of Douglas Laing family Fox Terriers, Scallywag Malt Scotch Whisky is a marriage of aged Speyside Single Malts matured predominantly in Spanish Sherry casks. Anticipate an explosion of rich, dark fruits, chocolate and spice interwoven with late vanilla. Award-winning Scallywag is bottled and released in genuinely small, precious batches.

Scallywag (0,7 l, 46%)

Scallywag is a Small Batch bottling created using only the finest Speyside Malts including - amongst others - Mortlach, Macallan and Glenrothes. Bottled at 46% alcohol strength and non-chill-filtered, this Small Batch bottling has a distinct rich, dark colour - extracted purely from the fine Spanish Sherry Butts used during maturation.

Meet Big Peat, the Scottish fisherman

Big Peat himself is a Scottish fisherman and his home island is Islay. He loves his family, his fellow fishermen and loves to enjoy a nice smoky BBQ during summer with his friends. Typically Islay in flavour, the palate carries notes of ash, sweet tar, smoking chimneys and a subtle salty beach quality, with a long and lingering phenolic finish.

Big Peat Christmas Edition 2021 in tube (0,7l, 52,8%)

Douglas Laing family is proud to present Big Peat’s Limited Edition Festive bottling for Christmas 2021. Big Peat is a marriage of Single Malt Scotch Whiskies only from the island of Islay. With Caol Ila spirit bringing sweetness, Bowmore the perfect balance, Ardbeg a medicinal, earthy quality and Port Ellen, a degree of elegance, Big Peat represents all that is Islay in a bottle.

A real Glasgow man from the ‘30s

Meet The Epicurean – a 1930s Glasgow man, a real cheeky character who was ever the life and soul of the party and a connoisseur of fine food and drink. A master of versatility, this fresh, zesty, grassy marriage of the finest Lowland malts is perfect for cocktail hour or simply for sipping.

The Epicurean Tawny Port Edition in tube (0,7l, 48%)

The Epicurean Tawny Port Limited Edition is a brand new release in the Epicurean “Wood Finish” series. After initially maturing in traditional oak casks over a number of years, the spirit has been finished in a hand-selected Tawny Port Single Cask from the Douro Valley in northern Portugal.

Keep calm and Rock Island

An extraordinary encapsulation of the very best Single Malts distilled on the glorious islands of Islay, Arran, Jura and Orkney (amongst others), Rock Island is a subtle, smoky and sweet celebration of the sea.

Rock Island Sherry (0,7l, 46,8%)

Rock Island Sherry Edition is a marriage of Single Cask Single Malts matured exclusively in Spanish Sherry casks. Bottled at 46.8% alcohol strength, this maritime Malt is proudly offered without colouring or chill-filtration ensuring the Whisky is “as natural as it gets”.

All the popular Remarkable Regional Malts can be purchased in the webshop of WhiskyNet.​​​​​​

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