Zirconia Crown @ Smile & Teeth Dental in Budapest

  • 8 Jul 2021 4:21 PM
Zirconia Crown @ Smile & Teeth Dental in Budapest
It is no exaggeration to say that dental aesthetics is now the main concern of patients and practitioners. The zirconia crown represents the most advanced technology in the field of restoration. The Zirconia crown gives the most natural, beautiful look.

At Smile & Teeth Dental our aim is to make you smile confidently like never before.

The aesthetic edge

Zirconia has obvious benefits. The frame itself is made of zirconia instead of metal. Zirconium is a very corrosion-resistant element. It is often used in corrosive environments because it can withstand chemical damage and is also used in spacecraft due to its excellent ability to withstand temperature changes. Another reason that makes it a perfect material for dentistry and medical sciences is that it can be used for metal allergies patients.

Benefits of the zirconia crown

  •  Metal-free hence no allergic reaction will occur

  •  Gives the most natural look

  •  Natural colour and transparency like own teeth

  •  No sensitivity to hot/cold

  •  Enough strength and durability to replace molar teeth

  •  No discolouration above the gum line

  •  High durability

  •  Perfect fit due to the CAD / CAM technology

  •  Ideal for single crowns or bridges

The zirconia crown is considered a top-quality type of bridge which is visually appealing.  

It is time to make changes and smile confidently.

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