2021 One Of Hungary's Driest Years

  • 7 Jan 2022 9:24 AM
2021 One Of Hungary's Driest Years
Hungary experienced an especially dry year in 2021, and it was also cooler than typical years over the past decade.

Precipitation in Hungary was a little more than 500 mm in 2021, almost 20% below average, making it one of the driest years since the collection of data began in 1901, an annual report by the Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) shows.

OMSZ said precipitation in the months of March, June, September and October were around half the average. Such dry conditions were last seen in Hungary in 2012, it added.

The report also shows that the average temperature was 10.8 C. in 2021, not far from the average for 1991-2020, but still marking the coolest year in a decade.

Temperatures in January and February were over 1 degree higher than the average, but temperatures in April and May were more than 2 degrees below average, making it the coolest spring since 1987.

Hot spells lasted longer than usual during the summer, but the autumn was cooler than average. Temperatures in December were 1 C. warmer than average, according to OMSZ.

MTI Photo: Tamás Sóki

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