Growth in Hungary’s Covid Cases Slowing After New Cases Registered Hit High at Weekend

  • 1 Feb 2022 8:55 AM
  • Hungary Around the Clock
Growth in Hungary’s Covid Cases Slowing After New Cases Registered Hit High at Weekend
Never has the number of new coronavirus cases registered at the weekend been so high as now, as officials reported 45,407 positive tests on Monday.

At the same time, it is also clear that after a rapid rise, growth in new cases is slowing down from 88% a week ago, to 13.7%.

One-third of tests conducted were positive, still a very high proportion.

The number of newly infected people is rising mostly in the western counties at present. In Budapest, where the Omicron variant first erupted, the fifth wave may have peaked. The rise has also stopped in Pest county.

The fifth wave is clearly visible in hospital data, as 3,903 coronavirus patients are hospitalised, as against 2,901 a week earlier.

The rise is high, but the number of Covid patients in hospital lags far behind the peak of the previous waves. A much smaller proportions of confirmed infected people are in hospital than in previous waves.

There are 150 patients in a severe state of health on ventilators, stopping the decline that had been going on for weeks.

The seven-day moving average in the number of fatalities is rising again. The epidemic accounted for 176 deaths at the weekend, up from 122 on the previous weekend.

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