3 Great Aerated Hungarian Sparkling Wines for Summer

  • 21 Jul 2022 9:13 AM
3 Great Aerated Hungarian Sparkling Wines for Summer
Refreshing bubbles, playful names, approachable prices – though we adore méthode traditionnelle sparkling wines, in the heat of the summer we just want to take things easy.

VinCE wine magazine has evaluated several carbon dioxide added wines recently, let us recommend 3 personal favourites of ours: Pláne by Etyeki Kúria, Frisco by Chateau Dereszla and Zsongás by Garamvári Vineyards.

Pláne Frizzante White by Etyeki Kúria

‘Pláne’ means something like ‘what’s more’, but it also has a meaning of having some extra feature.

In Pláne the ‘pláne’ is that it is a blend of KirályleánykaSauvignon Blanc, Tramini and Pinot Blanc, and the blend has a great balance between the refreshing acidity, the carbon dioxide and the juciy aromas.

As VinCE panel comments: “The nose begins with floral notes and some perfume, then juicy citrus fruits and honey notes appear. The palate reveals grapefruit, linden flower, ripened apple, a touch of honey and a hint of bitterness in the aftertaste.” 

Pláne Frizzante White is the Wine of the Month at Etyeki Kúria, which means that we can taste it free of charge in July at the estate and we can buy a bottle with 15% discount at the wine bar or in the webshop.

Etyek is only a short drive from Budapestwe can easily get there by public transport as well, and at weekends you can enjoy the cuisine of Etyeki Kúria wine bar in the wonderful terrace surrounded by Pinot Noir vines.

Frisco By Chateau Dereszla

Tokaj wine region is the home of the noble Tokaji Aszú wines, serious dry Furmints, exciting late harvest wines made of local grapes – and certainly Tokaj has a cheerful face as well with light, refreshing bubbles with some extra “touch of the terroir”.

Frisco is a medium dry sparkling wine, yet thanks to the acidity, it is absolutely balanced and refreshing. VinCE panel about the wine: “Sweetish Muscat notes greet us on the nose, and the same notes appear on the clear, lovely palate. Though the bubbles do not linger too long, due to the acidity it is an ultimately refreshing wine.” 

The wine is 100% Yellow Muscat and is available at Winelovers Webshop – they ship to every European country. The best place to enjoy it is by the river Bodrog in the picturesque village of Bodrogkeresztúr, in Tokaj wine region. Chateau Dereszla opened its own restaurant last year – so we have another delicious reason to go there.

Zsongás by Garamvári Vineyards

Zsongás is another example of the winemakers playful mind when naming an aerated sparkling wine.

‘Zsongás’ is a buzzling sound, we can hear ‘zsongás’ when the bees are busy around the flowers. But ‘zsongás’ can refer to nature, when in springtime life returns and we can feel some excitement in the air. Garamvári Zsongás is true to its name: the wine is refreshing, vibrant, full of life.

A blend of Chardonnay, Cserszegi Fűszeres and Irsai Olivér – an international star with two local aromatic grapes.

VinCE team about the wine: “Charming, refreshing, slightly aromatic nose with stone fruits. The palate reveals a significant amount of carbon dioxide, the bubbles are pleasant, they melt in our mouth. Light, easy-to-love wine with lots of apples in the aftertaste.”

Garamvári is a family run estate with two wineries: one at Lake Balaton for still wines and another one in Budafok (within Budapest) for the méthode traditionnelle sparkling wines. Zsongás is made in the Balatonlelle estate.

Source: hungarianwines.eu

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