CMO Müller Warns of Rising Covid Cases in Hungary

  • 15 Jul 2022 11:53 AM
  • Hungary Around the Clock
CMO Müller Warns of Rising Covid Cases in Hungary
The concentration of coronavirus trace material in the wastewater of larger cities has increased, the national chief medical officer announced on state television channel M1 on Thursday.

Cecília Müller said the number of infections has recently been increasing every week in Hungary, as elsewhere in Europe.

In Hungary, the majority of infections involve the BA2 omicron variant, but the BA4, BA5 and X variants make up 4-5% of cases. The latter have become dominant in Europe, and are more contagious, she pointed out.

She said anyone showing symptoms, such as a dry throat or sneezing, should not go out, adding that headaches are common with the new variants.

Since these new variants are more adept at “evading” vaccines, people already vaccinated can also get infected, but they usually recover more easily and do not need hospital treatment.

The fourth vaccination is recommended for those over 60 and chronic patients.

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