‘International Acrobatic Basketball Cup’, Heroes’ Square Budapest, 17 September

  • 15 Sep 2022 6:12 AM
‘International Acrobatic Basketball Cup’, Heroes’ Square Budapest, 17 September
BuDUNKpest, which can be visited for free, promises a spectacular parade, as a total of seven teams will compete in two categories. As part of the all-day Hungarian Basketball Day event, BuDUNKpest's programs start at 1 p.m.

In addition to the spectacular dunks, we welcome those interested with four dance performances and a beatbox show in Budapest, Heroes’ square.

Professional acrobasket teams from USA, Slovenia and Hungary have entered this year's BuDUNKpest, but there will also be four amateur teams.

The USA team took home the trophy from the 2019 competition with a flawless and amazingly high-quality performance, and we are sure that they want the cup for themselves this year as well.

But BuDUNKpest is not only about that. In addition to the fact that the audience can see breathtaking acrobatic basketball shows, it also means the meeting of a lot of good people who live in different corners of the world, but can meet at this event, where they always create a special atmosphere that the audience can be a part of.


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