B+N to Clean OTP’s New 84,000 Sqm Office Building in Hungary

  • 17 Aug 2022 4:29 PM
B+N to Clean OTP’s New 84,000 Sqm Office Building in Hungary
OTP Bank has recently opened a new office building in Madarász Street in District XIII. The 84,000 sqm building complex – aptly named M12 – radiates the impression of power and stability. B+N Referencia Zrt. has been contracted to clean the office building.

It is not accidental that the office building providing office space for more than 3,000 people has earned the GOLD certification of the LEED green building certification system: it can boast of sustainable, environmentally-conscious solutions such as ceiling radiant heating and cooling systems, heat pumps with recuperation of waste heat for hot water production, rainwater recycling and smart illumination control.

Robin is responsible for the cleaning of large areas

We at B+N Referencia Zrt. are proud that our colleagues, as subcontractor, are responsible for the cleaning of the entire building complex. The work of our staff of 40 people is greatly helped by an autonomous cleaning robot developed by our own R&D Department. The device called ROBIN is used for cleaning large surfaces with special equipment.

The launch of the e-cleaning system

Thanks to our company, the OTP employees working in the M12 office building receive the highest quality service possible: we are introducing our E-cleaning system, a 21st century solution in facility management, in the entirety of the M12 building. Its main advantage is that, with the help of QR codes and a mobile application, it is always clear for the cleaning staff what tasks to carry out in each room.

After the cleaning process has been finished, the completion status is registered in the system and any possible problem or question is forwarded. The team leader can check upon the work completed and take the necessary measures in case of problems. Then, the customer certifies completion, rates it and receives a cleaning report.

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