Breast Cancer is Preventable & Curable by Dr. Rose Private Hospital Budapest

  • 25 Oct 2022 8:11 PM
Breast Cancer is Preventable & Curable by Dr. Rose Private Hospital Budapest
Every year, more than 8,000 breast tumors are detected and more than 2,000 deaths from breast cancer are reported, according to Hungarian statistics.

Regular screening is the most important tool in the fight against breast cancer, as diseases detected early are more likely to be cured, and complications can be prevented.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, hence we wanted to find out what complex breast diagnostics involves and what treatment options are offered by one of the oldest private health care institutions in Budapest, the Dr. Rose Private Hospital.

"Thanks to our latest developments, Dr. Rose Private Hospital is able to offer the full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in breast diagnostics, from the first screening test to oncoplastic surgery. For us, the most important thing is that if we find a lesion, we can fully evaluate our patients and support them at every stage of their recovery," emphasizes Dr. Kornél Papik, CEO of Dr. Rose Private Hospital.

For women over 40 years of age, breast cancer is an increased health risk, so regular breast screening is recommended.

As part of its screening package, Dr. Rose Private Hospital offers a complex breast screening, including mammography, a physical examination and an ultrasound scan. If necessary, ultrasound-guided sampling and mammography-guided stereotactic sampling are also available, and CT, MRI and PET-CT diagnostics are also immediately available at another of the group's facilities in the capital.

For cancer patients, oncoplastic surgery is also available at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, where breast reconstruction can be performed at the same time as the oncological intervention.

"Mammography is the only scientifically proven method for screening women at average risk and reducing breast cancer mortality," says radiologist and breast diagnostic specialist Dr. Rita Fülöp.

"We use the latest mammography procedures. During digital 3D tomosynthesis, the x-ray tube, moving in a circular arc, produces 10-15 overlapping digital images of the breast at low radiation doses in a short time.

From the data set, thin-slice layer images and two-dimensional overview images are created via computer processing. 3D tomosynthesis is more sensitive in assessing the breast structure, making it easier to detect hidden lesions.

With tomosynthesis, up to 30 percent more tumors can be detected than with conventional mammography, and for certain breast structures this state-of-the-art technology gives better results," says Dr. Fülöp.

For lesions suspected of being cancerous, histological sampling can be performed using ultrasound or mammography.

If the histological examination confirms a malignancy, the doctors at Dr. Rose Private Hospital will give you all the support you need to choose the right treatment and make a quick decision. If surgical intervention is required, oncoplastic surgical care is available to patients.

In the past, malignant breast tumors were treated by removal of the tumor area and the breast, followed by chemotherapy, radiotherapy and, much later, breast reconstruction.

"In the most advanced oncoplastic surgery, we remove the cancerous area in our breast cancer patients and reconstruct the shape of the breast at the same time. After the operation, depending on the results of the surgical histopathology examination, further oncological treatments recommended by the oncology team are carried out," says plastic surgeon Dr. Ákos Béla Molnár.

"Oncoplastic surgeries are performed according to a precise treatment plan, which is determined before the surgery by an ’oncoteam’, consisting of an oncologist, surgeon, plastic surgeon, radiologist and other specialists.

This is used to decide whether breast-conserving surgery or a mastectomy is required. With the former, only a part of the breast is removed, but reconstruction is of course necessary here as well. Most of the time, we use techniques used in aesthetic surgery to restore the original shape, sometimes with correction of the opposite breast, possibly together with implants."

Dr. Rose Private Hospital has produced two videos for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which are available here:

Breast cancer is preventable and curable!

A video in Hungarian about breast reconstruction - a chance for a full life.

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