20% of Shops on Budapest's Nagykörút are Now Closed for Business

  • 4 Jan 2023 8:51 AM
  • Hungary Around the Clock
20% of Shops on Budapest's Nagykörút are Now Closed for Business
Of the 662 shops on the Pest side of the grand boulevard, the Nagykörút, that have shop windows and entrance from the street, 129 or 20% are closed, according to a count by website G7.

Among the functioning units, excluding those on squares, 65 operate as restaurants or fast-food outlets, followed by 45 convenience stores primarily selling alcohol, 29 grocery stores, 29 hairdressers and 24 currency change booths.

According to G7, it is clear that there are a lot of recently closed shops as "in many cases, the window decoration is still there, and the equipment has not even been removed from inside.

“Even looking separately at the sections belonging to different districts, we did not perceive that the boulevard had a uniform image or development concept”, the website comments.

The only functional unity was probably formed organically, G7 adds, as Erzsébet körút apparently forms the edge of the Seventh District’s party zone with its many bars.

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