Hungarian Opinion: An Insider on the Secret of Fidesz’s Success

  • 29 Mar 2023 5:56 AM
  • BudaPost
Hungarian Opinion: An Insider on the Secret of Fidesz’s Success
A pro-government pundit reveals the main points of his freshly published booklet in which he describes the political skills that have made the ruling party dominant and left it without real rivals in Hungarian politics.

On Mandiner, Dániel Deák, a prominent online influencer and TV analyst offers an insider story of how Fidesz conducts its political campaigns. His main point is that the government side is in ceaseless campaign mode.

It keeps the opposition under relentless pressure, lest it recover from its paralysis. Secondly, the Fidesz camp has one overall principle, namely, ‘Hungary First’, which allows it to insert any event into its own narrative.

The public is thus reassured that the government has a consistent worldview that allows it to face any difficulties that might emerge. Deák also explains why he believes the Left is no match for Fidesz. They lack the necessary professionalism and intellectual skills as well as an authoritative leader who could unite their disparate forces while also being attractive to centrist voters.

Until that changes, he predicts, the opposition has no chance to emerge from the depth of hopelessness it finds itself at present.

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