Watch: 'Everything You Didn't Hear the Pope Say in Hungary'

  • 9 May 2023 2:33 PM
Watch: 'Everything You Didn't Hear the Pope Say in Hungary'
While the media mainly focused on the Pope's remarks in Hungary about ending the war in Ukraine and welcoming immigrants, there were other important aspects of his message.

In his three-day visit, he addressed various groups, including academics, scientists, children, refugees, and politicians. He warned about the dangers of pursuing technology without truth and shifting from communism to consumerism without proper consideration.

He urged young people to disconnect from smartphones and social media and embrace the reality of life. #ThePope also expressed his vision of a Europe that avoids polarization and populism while valuing the lives of its people.

Additionally, PopeFrancis strongly criticized what he called "ideological colonization," highlighting gender theory and the promotion of abortion as tragic defeats.

He reserved his most passionate appeals for young people, encouraging them to aim high, use their talents, and accomplish great things for the benefit of others. He emphasized the importance of family, honesty, generosity, and prayer in pursuing meaningful goals.

Throughout his visit, the Pope wanted to remind young people that they are not alone, and Jesus is always by their side. He encouraged prayer as a means of dialogue with Jesus, emphasized the significance of Mass as an encounter with Him, and highlighted the embrace received through the sacrament of Confession.

The Pope's messages in Hungary covered a wide range of topics, including those delivered in Hungarian, which he humorously remarked was a language spoken only in Heaven due to its difficulty.


MTI Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák

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