New initiative Launched to Help Single Fathers in Hungary

  • 20 Jun 2023 8:22 AM
  • Hungary Matters
New initiative Launched to Help Single Fathers in Hungary
Many people know that the first Sunday in May is Mother’s Day in Hungary, but fewer know that the third weekend in June is Father’s Day, which is celebrated in an increasing number of families.

Several family organizations have celebrated the occasion, and the Single Parents’ Center has announced a new program for single fathers.

In a statement sent to MTI on Sunday, the center said:
“In Hungary today, approximately 40,000 fathers are raising their children alone. On Father’s Day, a new series of programs will be launched to support fathers raising their children alone and to raise awareness of the importance of the role of fathers in the family.”

The center highlighted that around 14% of single parents in Hungary are men, and we rarely talk about them and the problems and feelings they are facing. This is why the Week by Week Fatherhood initiative was born.

From the end of June onwards, participants will receive a short weekly letter with questions to consider and small exercises that are easy to do. A supportive Facebook group will also be set up and online meetings will be organized from time to time to chat and share experiences with other fathers.

The new program was created by the center with Gergő Süveges, founder of Apakulcs.

In the announcement, it was mentioned that Apakulcs is the only Hungarian-language book, online help and training system that helps fathers in any situation in life to connect with their children in a stronger and healthier way.

Today, around 300,000 families are missing a parent in Hungary.

The Single Parents’ Center in Pest was opened in May 2018, to provide practical support and a community for families where only one parent is raising a child.

In March 2022, a second Single Parents’ Center opened in Buda, next to the Déli railway station, which is easily accessible for single parents and their children living in the suburbs as well.

The Association for Young Families also remembered fathers on Sunday, stressing in a statement sent to MTI that the presence of fathers is very important for a family. This is how a father and his child can pay attention to each other and how a father can become a role model for his child.”

They also welcomed the Hungarian government’s efforts to help fathers to be better financially valued by giving them the opportunity to claim the childcare fee (GYED), childcare benefit (GYES) and family tax allowance.

A game on the association’s Facebook page invited photos of fathers with their children with a positive message and a positive mood.

The Secretary of State for Families of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation also greeted fathers on her Facebook page.

Ágnes Hornung pointed out that the government has taken several measures to help men to fulfill their role as fathers, as their role in the development of children and their personalities is of paramount importance.

She added that the family is also a physical and mental health factor for men, and the division of tasks within the family makes the everyday life of those raising children easier.

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