Hungary’s Artistic Xmas Market in Szentendre

  • 30 Nov 2023 7:05 AM
  • Daily News Hungary
Hungary’s Artistic Xmas Market in Szentendre
Now on until 7 January. As the festive season unfolds, Christmas markets illuminate cities and towns across Hungary. Beyond the bustling capital, tucked along the scenic Danube bend, lies one of the most artistic Christmas fairs waiting to be discovered.

Szentendre, a charming town near Budapest, hosts festive events that promise a magical escape from the ordinary. Festive atmosphere close to Budapest Szentendre, renowned for its captivating atmosphere, is a favourite among foreigners. It draws visitors in with its unique charm and festive allure.

The Szentendre Advent fair is not just a marketplace of festive wares. It’s also a cultural celebration curated by the Szentendre Cultural Centre.

According to Roadster, the fair, situated on the Main Square, offers a unique blend of tradition and artistic expression. Therefore, it’s an ideal destination for those seeking a rich and immersive holiday experience.

Advent candle-lighting and festivities for all ages A highlight of the event is the traditional Advent candle-lighting ceremony on the Main Square. This ceremony transcends cultural boundaries, uniting nationalities that have played a significant role in shaping the town.

Accompanied by short Christmas concerts, featuring the military orchestra of the Szentendre Garrison Support Command and the Musica Beata Mixed Choir, this event is a harmonious celebration of the season. Additionally, inclusivity is a key theme of the Szentendre Advent fair, extending its charm even to the youngest members of the community.

Witness the town’s kindergarten children marching from the Evangelical Church to the Main Square, adding a touch of innocence and joy to the festivities. This family-friendly atmosphere sets the tone for a season of togetherness.

Month-long celebration

The celebration extends beyond the Main Square, encompassing the city’s cultural institutions, shops and restaurants. From 2 December to 7 January, various venues, including the Tourinform Office, the Barlang, the P’art cinema, the Ferenczy Museum Centre and the Béla Hamvas Pest County Library, host an array of events.

Craft and fairy-tale workshops, an ecumenical choir singing competition, an Advent photo walk, and a New Year’s Eve celebration titled “Csavard fel a Főteret!” (Screw up the Main Square!) are just a glimpse of the diverse offerings. Moreover, if you love crafts and delicious food, don’t miss the Dumtsa Street Fair! Immerse yourself in a selection of handmade treasures primarily from Szentendre and the surrounding area. Delight your taste buds with tempting dishes until 7 January.

Community spirit and giving back

The Szentendre Advent fair goes beyond merrymaking by fostering community spirit and charitable endeavours. For example, local NGOs and the municipality collaborate on a fundraising campaign and food distribution, embodying the true essence of the holiday season.

On December 2, a charity Santa Claus Run along the Danube embankment adds a touch of athleticism, bringing joy to participants and contributing to a good cause. 

Unique travel experiences

For the adventurous souls seeking a truly unique experience, consider reaching the Szentendre Advent fair by boat. Also, train travel offers a convenient and scenic option to immerse yourself in the magic of this neighboring town’s festive celebration.

As the holiday season approaches, the Szentendre Advent fair stands as a testament to the power of art and culture. In addition, it creates enduring memories and forges connections.

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Source: Daily News Hungary - Republished with permission

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