Special Local Wine Tasting at Budapest’s Christmas Fairs

  • 25 Nov 2023 7:23 AM
  • Hungary Today
Special Local Wine Tasting at Budapest’s Christmas Fairs
The Hungarian Wine Marketing Agency will promote Hungarian wines at Christmas fairs in the capital for six weeks, writes Magyar Nemzet.

The Hungarian Wine Marketing Agency, as an ambassador of excellent Hungarian wines, will offer a number of opportunities to get to know and taste the most outstanding products this year.

This is the aim of the promotional campaigns that have been running continuously since the summer, while Hungarian wine is already present at major international trade fairs.

The Hungarian Wine stand in front of the Basilica offers daily tastings at affordable prices, to discover the products of Hungarian wine producers. In addition, some twenty iconic Hungarian wines will be available in bottles, accompanied by a special Christmas surprise on weekends, thus visitors can combine tasting with Christmas gifts for family and friends.

The gastronomic outlets in Saint Stephen and Vörösmarty Squares, as well as in City Park, will also offer a wine menu, the Wine Marketing Agency noted.

Anita Pusztai, marketing director of the agency, emphasized that about half of the visitors of the Advent fairs in Budapest are foreign tourists, providing an excellent opportunity to promote Hungarian wine as a brand internationally.

Pál Rókusfalvy, the government commissioner for national wine marketing, drew attention to the commercial importance of the Advent period and the relevant government support. He recalled that the legislation abolishing the representation tax on wines of origin bought directly from producers entered into force on November 16.

He added that immediately afterwards, the Hungarian Wine Marketing Agency launched a campaign to promote the purchase of wine, an important element of which is the presence of wine at the Advent fairs in the capital.

Hungarian wine is very diverse. Hungary’s viticulture is extremely rich in terms of grape varieties, production areas, and winemaking methods, even by world standards. This richness is complemented by the winemaker’s vision of the grape and the wine, making it possible to create wines with the most varied taste experience.

Depending on the grape variety, the sugar content, the oenological process used, and the ageing period, wines can be classified into different types. Wines can be divided into three groups according to their color: white, red, and rosé. According to the technology used to make the wine, sparkling wines and natural sweet wines are in a separate category. Tokaji aszú, Hungary’s best-known wine, belongs to the latter category.

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