Around the World with Coffee - Offered by Kifli

  • 7 Nov 2023 4:13 PM
Around the World with Coffee - Offered by Kifli
With the onset of cool autumn weather, hot coffee falls even better than usual. With the expanded seasonal offer of the Budapest based, lovers of the subject can now taste coffee specialties from different parts of the world, from three different continents, from a total of fifteen places of origin: Brazil, Burundi, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia-Java and Sumatra, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Tanzania, Uganda and Guatemala.

Freshly roasted specialties such as Bányai bean coffee, available exclusively between 1 and 31 of November, from which Zwack's Unicum Barista is also made, are offered.

"Coffee usually gives its best taste between the first week and second month after roasting, so we keep our special coffees fresh by rotating the stock quickly," said Zoltán Rutka, category manager at

The's private label coffees, available in both grain and capsule form, are not ordinary either.

UBOMI is a 100% arabica slow-drum roasted craft coffee that won the PLMA 2023 INTERNATIONAL SALUTE TO EXCELLENCE AWARDS in 2023  in the  category "ground and bean coffee".

"In addition to taste, packaging is also important to us, which is why all UBOMI beans are packaged in 100% recyclable aluminum-free packaging and the capsules are 100% compostable at home," he added. 


Many people consider the Italian style to be the pinnacle of coffee. Italian coffees have also been given a separate category in the offer of, from which you can smell Italian seaside cafes in your living room with just a few clicks.

A novelty for true gourmets is the  Segafredo Bar coffee bean range, which can be used to brew excellent coffee in any situation, but when prepared with the right machine, it provides a real Segafredo café experience.

The company is also thinking about decaffeinated coffee drinkers: two versions made from special ingredients are available, one decaffeinated with carbon dioxide and the other  with water,  but most importantly, both without chemicals.

Kifli’s autumn coffee offer is available here.

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