Kifli Doubled The Number of Reduced-Priced Products to Support People With Special Nutritional Needs

  • 16 Oct 2023 2:42 PM
Kifli Doubled The Number of Reduced-Priced Products to Support People With Special Nutritional Needs
The price of more than fifty free-from products was reduced to the price level of its traditional counterpart in mid-September by the

Now, the prices of 77 gluten-, lactose- and added-sugar-free foods and vegetable drinks have been reduced to levels unique on the market.

The company keeps the prices until the last day of the year and also offers a full satisfaction guarantee for the products. In practice, this means that the customers can credit themself with the price of a product with which they were not satisfied in the form of purchasable credits. 

The background to the campaign is that Kifli does not consider it fair that customers who eat special foods - either due to food sensitivities or of their own accord - have to pay more than those who buy traditional foods.

“The reaction from customers throughout the campaign was amazing. In the category "special diet, conscious nutrition" we saw a 50% increase in demand, and in the case of essential free-from items participating in the promotion, we saw double sales compared to before.

One third of our customers buy from the special and free-from category, the products are part of every fifth basket. Already in the first three weeks, thousands of customers benefited from the program," said Gabriel Makki, CEO of

In addition, Kifli built and expanded the range of the category hand in hand with customers based on their requests. At the beginning of September, Kifli asked its customers to help put together the assortment they would like to buy. Based on their feedback, Kifli has listed several new brands, such as Cornito gluten-free pasta and snacks, Dia wellness carbohydrate-reduced flour mixes and 1:4 sweetener, products from the Fibershake, Nutriversium and Gal vitamin brands.

Many customers have asked for insulin resistance-friendly products and searchability, so filtering by sugar content is now available on the company's website. In addition, gluten-free pasta has been categorized according to the raw material, so customers can easily choose between corn, pea or millet-based alternatives.

“Customers appreciate our position on this topic, and based on their feedback, we decided to double the number of products and investment in the program. Initially, we allocated HUF 100 million for this program, but looking at customer demand in the first few weeks, we are happy to exceed this, hoping that all our customers with dietary restrictions will benefit from the program until the end of the year," added Gabriel Makki.

The full range is available here:

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