Travel Plans for Summer: Visit Planet Sushi in Budapest!

  • 5 Jun 2023 1:08 PM
Travel Plans for Summer: Visit Planet Sushi in Budapest!
Freshness, pure taste and elegance. Sushi, an iconic Japanese cuisine, has transcended borders to become a beloved culinary treasure cherished by food enthusiasts worldwide.

With its delicate flavours, artistic presentation, and rich cultural heritage, sushi has captured the hearts and palates of millions.

Close your eyes and imagine: sitting outdoor, great weather, having beautiful sushi rolls and cool drinks. Now you’re your eyes and welcome to Planet Sushi.

An unforgettable dining experiences in the Buda side in the ground floor of Allee Shopping Center. As you step through the doors, you'll be captivated by the harmonious blend of modern elegance and traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Arriving to the restaurant you can sit to the terrace directly or to a table in front of the main sushi bar, where the air is alive with the rhythmic sounds of conversation and the tantalizing aromas of freshly prepared sushi.

Let’s explore the extensive menu, featuring a diverse selection of sushi rolls, sashimi, nigiri, noodles and more.

The menu covers the most popular Asian dishes. From classic favorites to innovative creations, the culinary artisans ensure each dish is a masterpiece that delights both the eyes and the taste buds.

If you are a soup fun, do not hesitate to taste the Ramen selection of Planet Sushi. The restaurant is ideal for business meeting, family dinners and for friendly gatherings.

For more information you can check the website of Planet Sushi restaurants or the Facebook page.

1117 Budapest, Október huszonharmadika u. 8–10.
Allee Shopping Center
Phone: +3612494550

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