No Joke: Heat Records Broken in Four More Categories in Hungary on April 1st

  • 3 Apr 2024 7:37 AM
  • Hungary Matters
No Joke: Heat Records Broken in Four More Categories in Hungary on April 1st
Hot air continued to flow in the Carpathian Basin from the south on April 1, leading several heat records being broken, the weather service said.

The new national record for the highest morning temperature on April 1 was registered at Jászszentlászló, southern Hungary, with 17.4 degrees Celsius, as against the earlier record of 15.4 C registered in Lenti in 1989.

The new afternoon record temperature for the day was 30.2 C, in Kelebia, southern Hungary, as against the previous record of 27.7 C registered in Körmend in 1989.

The new early morning record high temperature for Budapest was registered at Ferihegy, near Budapest, at 16.2 C on April 1, as against the former record of 13.2 at Lágymányos in 2016.

The Budapest heat record for the day was 28.1 registered at Újpest, as against 26.1 registered in the same location in 2021.

The weather service said that once all measurements are certified for Monday, then April 1, 2024 will be the earliest day of the year ever recorded with temperature above 30 C since April 8, 1939.

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