Drastic Price Cuts on Meat Coming to Multinational Supermarket Chain in Hungary

  • 8 May 2024 6:15 AM
  • Hungary Today
Drastic Price Cuts on Meat Coming to Multinational Supermarket Chain in Hungary
Aldi is cutting the prices of fresh and frozen meat products, reports Világgazdaság. Since 2021, the German-based discount supermarket has been offering only Hungarian fresh meat, hence these meat products, which are part of its permanent range, will also be sourced from Hungary.

The retail chain pointed out that from the beginning of May, it will reduce the prices of 12 fresh meat and four frozen meat products. Moreover, meat-free dieters will also benefit from cheaper access to certain frozen vegetables. Aldi, the sixth largest food retail chain in Hungary, also noted that it holds a monthly Thursday fish promotion, when it offers a discount on all fresh fish products.

The reduction in meat prices was justified by the fact that the company wanted to lower prices to help consumers as soon as market developments allowed.

Aldi has played an important role in reducing inflation by being one of the first to cut prices on a range of food products, including butter, Trappist cheese, and a range of chilled products, for more than a year. The Hungarian discounter has been offering fresh meat and eggs, as well as 65 of its basic dairy products (conventional milk, Trappist cheese, sour cream, kefir, natural yogurt, etc.) from domestic sources for three years.

Although the company has received several offers for imported products at a lower price than for domestic products in recent years, the quality is generally inferior to that of Hungarian products.

Bernhard Haider, national managing director of ALDI Magyarország Élelmiszer Bt., affirmed last summer that they are committed to their voluntary commitment made in 2021, to continue to procure all their fresh meat, basic dairy products, and eggs exclusively from Hungarian sources.

At the same time, Aldi announced that it would renegotiate its existing supplier contracts in order to pass on the benefits to customers in the form of price reductions.

Founded in 2008, the company is headquartered in Biatorbágy, Pest County (central Hungary), and had 163 stores in the country in December 2022. On April 17, 2008, the company opened its first five Hungarian stores in Debrecen (eastern Hungary), Gyula (southeastern Hungary), Nyíregyháza (northwestern Hungary), Pécs (southwestern Hungary), and Piliscsaba (central Hungary).


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