Socialist Party Co-Leaders Resign, Dialogue-Greens Re-Elects Co-Leaders in Hungary

  • 24 Jun 2024 12:26 PM
  • Hungary Matters
Socialist Party Co-Leaders Resign, Dialogue-Greens Re-Elects Co-Leaders in Hungary
Ágnes Kunhalmi and Imre Komjáthi resigned as co-leaders of the opposition Socialist Party at a meeting of the party’s national board on Saturday over the result of the June 9 European Parliament and local elections.

Komjáthi said on Facebook that the party’s leadership had concluded that they had to take responsibility for and draw the necessary conclusions from the result.

He added that the party would now regroup and start building itself up again. Kunhalmi said that because her appointment as the party’s co-leader had come from the national board, it was at the board meeting that she had to announce her resignation.

In a Facebook post, she said she remained convinced that “there is no good society without a left wing”, adding that there was a “great need” for leftist progressivism in Hungary.

Rebeka Szabó and Richárd Barabás have been re-elected co-leaders of Dialogue-Greens for another two years, the opposition party said in a statement after its congress on Sunday.

The party said it intended to work on becoming a “renewed left-wing progressive force”, promoting cooperation and understanding with potential partners and building on their work in local councils.

Dialogue-Greens said it remained committed to representing green values in its progressive community. The other members of the party’s board are Adrienn Jakál, Tímea Szabó, András Béres, Márton Kovács and Attila Varga.


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