Wolfgang Puck Hosts Star-Studded Red Carpet Event at Spago Budapest

  • 3 Jun 2024 2:08 PM
Wolfgang Puck Hosts Star-Studded Red Carpet Event at Spago Budapest
Renowned chef Wolfgang Puck recently hosted a dazzling red carpet event at Spago Budapest, drawing luminaries from the Hungarian film industry.

Known for his long-standing role in crafting the menu for the Governors Ball following the biggest award ceremony of the international film industry, Puck created an unforgettable evening alongside his star culinary team.

The guests of honor of the Spago Budapest gala dinner  were the celebrated Hungarian actors, recognized on the international stage as well Joining Puck were Tetsu Yahagi, Director of Culinary Development for Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group, and Della Gossett, Executive Pastry Chef at Spago Beverly Hills, who both traveled from Los Angeles to be part of the event.

Also in attendance was Puck’s son, Byron Puck, marking his first visit to Spago Budapest at Matild Palace.

The evening's menu featured dishes inspired by those served at the prestigious gala, following the most important event of the world of cinema, showcasing a blend of timeless classics and Spago signatures.

Guests savored dishes such as the House Smoked Salmon Canapé, inspired by Spago’s iconic smoked salmon pizza, and the Spicy Tuna Tartare. A standout of the night was István Szántó’s signature dessert, Somló Galuska "In a Nutshell," which had previously impressed Hollywood stars at the gala two years ago.

"We aim to use as many local ingredients as possible when crafting the menu for the gala dinner, just as we do at our Spago restaurants," said Wolfgang Puck.

"It's crucial to consider the guests' experience—after the award ceremony, which lasts for hours, guests  arrive quite hungry and seek comforting, familiar flavors. These elements were integral to our menu at the Budapest event. Creating a memorable dinner involves not only great food but also ensuring guests feel special from the moment they arrive."

István Szántó, Executive Chef of Spago Budapest, collaborated with Puck to design a menu that brought Hollywood glamour to Hungary.

Highlights included Egg Yolk Ravioli and Wood Grilled Australian Stone Axe Wagyu Steak.

"Presenting my dishes at the Hollywood gala two years ago was a memorable experience," said Szántó. "I am thrilled we could recreate that same atmosphere in Budapest."

Hosting dinner for film stars after the most prestigious event of the international film industry has been a 30-year tradition for Wolfgang Puck, aligning with Matild Palace's commitment to preserving traditions and values.

"We were honored to welcome the stars of Hungarian cinema to our gala dinner, adding a unique brilliance to the night," said Selim Ölmez, General Manager of Matild Palace.

"As we approach the hotel’s third anniversary, hosting this event with Wolfgang Puck was truly special for us."

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