IHBC Volunteering @ Welsey János Nursery, 30 August

  • 7 Aug 2018 9:35 AM
IHBC Volunteering @ Welsey János Nursery, 30 August
Great opportunity to help the Budapest based Wesley János Nursery, a special pre-school unit that welcomes kids from all sorts of difficult background, including children's homes, holiday workers, low-income families. Kids without address cards.

From the organizers: 

We have 3 days to bring back the magic to this deprived area. The job is quite challenging: we are transform the play area of the local nursery completely in 3 days.

The supporting organisation Oltalom Egyesület members are waiting for anyone offering a helping hand, so warm welcome is to be expected.

The 3-days adventure is starting on 30 August, Thursday , until 1 September. 

10:00 - Volunteers to arrive from 10 am to the complex - it's a nursery, a street hospital, a homeless shelter. Please go to the nursery entrance. All volunteers will be greeted with some snacks and sandwiches.
10:30 - 17:00 Each of the 3 days we will have 6,5 hours to finish building all cupboard, shelves, curtain rods, set up the reading corner, the kiddies kitchen, and decorations.
Even a wall painting artist is joining us, and a magic forest wil l emerge on the wall in front of us. It's important, you need to bring your own tools to hep with the build.

3 September - Monday morning: The local kids to arrive to school, and to take over the new playroom. We will be there to see it all.

The nursery is the place where they spend most of their time, this is where they learn the world, and this is the environment that can give them the most. This year we are lucky to have a summer project as well, and help the Wesley Nursery where we have 45 kids under the age of 6.

The nursery is keen to improve, all toys are dated, the playroom really basic, not enough sporting facilities, limited and dated storage. So time for a face lift and bring in the buzz and excitement of learning.

The head of the supporting organisation Mr Gábor Iványi is more than pleased, he has offered his help, and local workers to paint the room, lay new flooring before the new items arrive. All items - paint and flooring - will be provided by the founds we have collected.

Let us know if you are coming, by leaving a comment here, under the event page. Please include, which day we can count on us. Please don't forget to bring your basic toolbox for working with the cupboards.

If you can't come, but would love to send a sweety, fruit or toys to the nursery, we can take it any time during the renovation days. You can also shop online, just ask me to send you the nursery shopping list of educational toys. These are samples, of course you can buy them from other source as well. You are investing in the future, so it goes to the best place.

Wesley János L. Főiskola
1086 Budapest, Dankó utca 11.

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