Xpat Interview 3: Sanjay Sharma, The Indian Caterer In Budapest

  • 22 Mar 2019 8:44 AM
Xpat Interview 3: Sanjay Sharma, The Indian Caterer In Budapest
Born in New Delhi on 1972.09.01 to a Brahmin Sharma pandit family. First son, with 3 brothers. Family belongs to Indian army civil services, maternal family all active posts in Indian army and air force .

Appeared in ICWA institute of cost and work accountants, NDA national defense academy but finally settled down in Budapest. Now running Mr. Masala, the only Indian banquets service hall in Budapest.

1. What’s been happening at work and at home since your most recent Xpat Interview?
Opening a new unit of the Masala Group in Hungary, at home nothing has changed.

2. What would you have done differently there if you knew then what you know now?
Learnt how to apply patience in making decisions ;)

3. If you could change one thing about Hungary, what would it be?
 To convince them to love tourists!

4. What advice would you give to a new expat in Budapest?
Learn to respect to get respect.

5. Which superpower would you choose?

6. Who inspires your life most these days?
Shahrukh khan.

7. What does your typical day/week look like currently?
Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner

8. What are some of your biggest challenges these days?
Finding good employees!

9. What’s your favourite bar, restaurant, and music venue in Hungary?
Corso @ Intercontinental.

10. Please share a guilty pleasure of yours…
Bollywood movies.

11. What is (would be) your favourite karaoke song?
What A Wonderful World

13. If your next expat assignment was on a desert island, and you could only take three things with you, what would you bring?
Water, a hammock, and my ipod.

14, Unicum or pálinka?

15. What is your best personal achievement while living here?
Making people’s life spicy with my masalas!

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