Andrea Morriconne, Conductor

  • 5 Sep 2022 7:25 AM
Andrea Morriconne, Conductor
Andrea is the son of the late great composer Ennio Morricone. Over many years, Andrea himself has become well known for his work in both the conducting and composition fields. His work spans all genres from film scores to classical-contemporary and crossover songs.

Amongst his many compositions his most famous perhaps is “The Love Theme” from Cinema Paradiso, on which he collaborated together with his father and for which they won a BAFTA Award.

Some of his most recent famous work includes the 2015 World Expo Theme “La Forza Del Sorriso” sung by Andrea Bocelli.

A very special performance took place in January of 2020 at the Senate and Culture meeting in Italy, where Andrea conducted the music of Cinema Paradiso in front of his father, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the event.

We can not wait to enjoy your concert on 18 December in Budapest

Morricone Family’s 'Hommage Tour To The Late Maestro', Budapest Aréna, 18 December

1. How did this celebration tour idea came up?

My father came up with the idea three years ago. Together with my mother, the producer Floris Douwes, and my brothers, it was decided that a concert-show concept would be created in which the music from his most famous soundtracks would be synchronized perfectly with the images from the corresponding movies.

The idea was also conceived by my father as a way for me to conduct his music in a new format.

2. Are scenes from the movies shown?

Absolutely! We have the pleasure of presenting the most famous pieces composed by my father. The audience will enjoy the iconic scores and scenes from movies such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Cinema Paradiso, The Hateful Eight, The Mission, and many more. The audience will most likely be able to recognise each piece as soon as they hear the first few notes.

3. Do you have a chance to get together with the Chech National Symphonic Orchestra or do you practice online?

Luckily, we do have a chance to get together to rehearse before going live on stage. It is a great privilege to work with the CNSO, as did my father so many times before! I will personally be rehearsing with the orchestra before the start of the tour, and choir master Stefano Cucci will make sure that the choir will sound perfect for the show.

4. Who will participate in this concert from Ennio’s crew to celebrate your Father with this show?

Some of my father’s favorite musicians will be joining us on stage for the show every night. I have known a lot of them for a very long time, and they have all toured the world with my father for more than a decade. A few even worked with him for over 30 years! It will be special to perform with them all the songs that they also know so well, to honor my father.

5. You will be the principal conductor of the show. Which do you prefer generally - the conduction or the field of composition?

They are different phases of the same creative journey. Composing means searching inside yourself, listening, and finding the inspiration. Conducting means finalizing the composer’s intention, creating the beauty of sound in which the clarity of musical writing and the particularity of musical language can make the concert a unique, extraordinary, and unrepeatable experience.

6. How was working with your Father?

One special piece that we worked on together, is the Love Theme for Cinema Paradiso. It was an unforgettable experience. He told me very often that he loved that theme. In his opinion, it was the most beautiful melody I had ever composed.

I would like to tell you a bit about how things went that morning. I was in my studio when my father asked me to read a script for a movie. He asked me if I would like to compose something for what he thought was a beautiful script. In particular, he asked me for inspiration for the famous kissing scene. I was struck by his request and by the story, and that is when I composed Love Theme.

After a few minutes of it being on my father’s desk, he had added two chords and established what the now famous orchestration would be. I consider this an extraordinary moment in my career as a musician, as usually, we worked on our own, exchanging ideas only on a theoretical level. As a matter of fact, I continue to study my father’s scores and keep remembering his suggestions on how to use the instruments.

7. Tell us please a memorable story about your Father?

What I remember very well, is the moments when my father and I were playing chess. Often during matches, between one phone call and another, he would turn to me lovingly inviting me to please hurry up because I generally took too long to make my moves!

8. Have you ever been in Hungary before?

I have had the pleasure of visiting Budapest before, attending my father's concert there. Of course, if I some spare time, I certainly hope to visit the splendid city again, which is so rich in artistic content!

9. What is your message to the Hungarian audience regarding the concert?

I feel honored to have been invited to perform for the Hungarian audience. I am sure that the audience will experience a lot of emotions in my father's music, and I cannot wait to perform his beautiful music for you!


Interview by: Réka Blanka Varga

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